I have a secret to spill.  I probably shouldn’t, but I’m going to anyway.

**I’m actually writing this on THURSDAY**

So scandalous, right? 

The Chamber Staff and our Board of Directors will be working on our strategic plan to take us through the next five years for most of the day Friday, so I figured if we’re going to get this thing done, it better be now.

I will admit, it feels weird.  My brain can’t seem to comprehend what’s happening and my normal, excited feel for the day is all wonky now.

Still – there are things happening.  Good things.  Fun things.  Exciting things!

We announced the official re-structuring of the Clear Lake Chamber scholarship available to high school seniors in the area.  This is a great opportunity for a student who is employed by a Chamber member, a child of someone employed by a Chamber member, or has volunteers at a Chamber event during their high school years!  You can learn more or download the application at

In other exciting news, the Iowa State Tourism Office, along with IEDA, announced a new incentive program available through the end of the year!  The Meet in Iowa Meeting and Event Incentive Program was created to attract, retain and expand in-person overnight events as well as incentivize groups to experience our incredible tourism attractions. For more information go to or give Libby a call (357-2159) at the Chamber!

Cabin Coffee is already way ahead of the game, as they held their annual Franchisee Meeting at the Surf Ballroom this week.  It was a great welcome to the many folks who have taken a chance and opened a Cabin Coffee in other parts of the Midwest and beyond, as they gathered for all the fun at the Surf!

Our Earth Day festivities officially kick off next week.  After the windy weather the past few days has likely blown trash and Lord only knows what else around town, it’s the perfect time to get your crew signed up to participate in the Trash Bash. <– Just go to this site to get signed up!

There are so many incredible activities planned, but one just announced that will run from right now to the end of the school year is the Clear Lake Lions Recycling Challenge. The Lions are partnering with Clear Creek Elementary School, Fareway Food Store and Randy’s Neighborhood Market with a goal of collecting 500 pounds of plastic within 6 months.

The Trex company will convert the plastic into a new bench for the school’s outdoor environmental center, free of charge. Seriously, how cool is that?!?!  You can drop off your plastic at either of the local stores or send it with a student to Clear Creek. Lions’ members will be sorting and weighing the contributions.

Beginning Monday, April 18, Clear Creek students will be competing by grade level to collect the most plastic by school year’s end. Now, if your kids are anything like mine, it doesn’t matter what the competition is for, they just want to WIN so they can brag to their siblings until the end of time.  What a fun way to do something cool AND help the environment.

There you have it, friends.  I guess if something super-amazingly awesome happens between the time this was written and “actual” Friday it will have to wait until next week’s post!

Have a great one, Clear Lakers!  Hold on just a littler longer and the weather is bound to warm up!