It’s going to be short and sweet today, my friends.  As much as I love Spring Break and not having schedules and commitments and practices for everyone, it is also the bane of my existence.

Thankfully, we’ve made it to the final stretch with little to no complications (or casualties, for that matter) so I guess we can call it a WIN.

We are experiencing all the emotions over here as the Madness of March is seeping into our brains, busting brackets left and right.  There have even been a few tears.

**insert massive eye roll**

Thankfully, we’ve got the promise of Spring at the Lake on the horizon to keep our spirits up.  In fact, even now as I look out my kitchen window into the backyard, the signs are everywhere.  A chirping cardinal sits in the tree to my left, singing his happy tune.  A cheerful squirrel scurries across the grass, happy to be rid of the pesky, cold snow while he searches for some food.

And in the distance, the surface of Fieldstone Pond continued to darken as the thick ice become brittle, breaking into chunks as the temperatures rise and the wind blows.

We are patiently awaiting the official “ice out” of Clear Lake from Water Superintendent, Adam Theiss.  Always an exciting time of the year, it’s the official-official sign of warmer days to come.  Once the ice is gone, it seems like in just a blink the Lady will be coming back across the lake to her summer home.

This year is extra special for our sweet girl as she celebrates her 35th year in service at Clear Lake.  (In case you missed the article in our 2022 Visitor Guide, Destination Clear Lake, you can read it in on our blog here, or request a copy of our guide to be mailed to your home!

The upcoming weekend offers the opportunity to get outside and explore this fantastic community.  And what better way than to participate in the first ever Skip’s Kicks Fun Pub Run!  Runners will meet up at the shoe store at 9:45am and take off down South Shore at 10:00.  Stops on the run include Rumorz, VFW, Rookies, Tap’d and then a grand finish at Lake Time Brewery!

And no weekend at the Lake is complete without a concert at the Surf Ballroom & Museum.  Saturday night, the popular cover band, Hairball, will take the stage for a rockin’ St. Patty’s Day celebration.  You’ll hear all of your favorite legendary hits – from Van Halen, KISS, Motley Crue, Queen, Journey, Aerosmith, and more – recreated on the iconic stage! Covers so good, and so close to the original, you’ll forget it’s not the actual band!

Tickets are almost sold out so go to to snag yours before Saturday night.

Okay, so I guess I lied earlier, and this isn’t so much short and sweet.  Such is life when you’re blogging about the coolest place in the Midwest though… am I right?

Have a fantastic weekend at the Lake.  And next week – school!  **yay**