I’m going to keep this short and sweet this morning, as there is no school today which means my quiet, peaceful, soft-lighted oasis of a home office is now inundated with loud noises, arguing, and I’m sure, before long, tears.

Likely mine, not theirs.

Still, it’s easy to find a bit of good for the week when you live in Clear Lake. There seems to always be something happening, things on the move, excitement in the air.

This week, that excitement is palpable as the retailers begin their Holiday Preview and Open House events for the season. Quite possibly the most wonderful time of the year, (I mean… there’s even a song about that, right?) it means donning our true small-town spirit as we go from one small store to another, shopping for that perfect gift for our loved ones.

In case you missed the rundown of events, you can find it all HERE on this blog! We encourage you all to shop early, shop often, and shop local this Holiday season. It’s customary to give gifts to our loved ones, but what about the town as a whole?

Let’s give Clear Lake the biggest gift of all with an economic boost this year!

Always a bit of a disheartening site, the Lady of the Lake made her way to her winter home at PM Park this week. While it was another fantastic summer, it’s always a bit of a bummer to drive downtown and not see her docked at the seawall. But, as they say, ‘time marches on’ and such is the cycle of life!

Is it too early to start counting down the days until her return?

Alas, as we bid adieu to another fantastic week at the Lake, I encourage you all to get out and enjoy these last few moments of fall weather. Explore the wonder and beauty Clear Lake has to offer during this season. Grab a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant. Pop in to do a bit of shopping. Take in these final warm moments before the frigid winter appears.

And most of all, be kind to one another.