I have no idea how Friday snuck up on me this week.  I suppose that is just what happens when you’re attempting to recover from all the fun.

Seriously, we really know how to throw a party, right?

I’ve celebrated a lot of 4th of July holiday’s in Clear Lake over the years, but that was, hands down, the BEST ONE EVER!  The food, the rides, the weather… and the PEOPLE!  I think it’s safe to say we missed our celebration more than we realized last year, because people came from far and wide, with stars in their eyes and smiles on their faces.

And boy, did we ever celebrate our independence!

I thought maybe people would still be recovering from the busy holiday, but the crowd at Thursday’s on Main last night proved me wrong.

It. Was. Nuts.

I’m sure it helped being the first Thursday night event of the summer where we didn’t sweat to death.  The cooler temps were definitely a bonus for the evening!

Being a vendor myself, it’s interesting to watch the ebb and flow of foot traffic down Main Avenue.  Usually, people begin to trickle in a little bit before 6:00, but not last night!  Before the event even officially started, I had sold 8 books and was well on my way to a record night of sales!

Incidentally, my FAVORITE part of the evening was the plethora of people who stopped by to tell me which blog posts they enjoyed reading the most.  It warms my heart knowing so many people out there read our blog and follow along as we do our best to promote our many events and businesses!

Even with the chance of rain in the forecast this weekend, it won’t stop the assortment of fun happening around town.


Fresh on Friday 9-11 at Central Gardens with a special activity by Healthy Harvest

Night Ranger at the Surf Ballroom


Yoga by the Lake 7AM

Movement Saturday in the Gardens 8:30AM

Brews on the Beach in City Park

Farmer’s Market

Mini Art Market at the Arts Center

Kriss Karr and the Kozmic Brownies at Sunset Sharky’s 6PM


Kinney Pioneer Ice Cream Day 1PM

Open Golf Croquet at the Gardens 2PM

Al Welsh Orchestra at the Surf 5:30PM

So, if you thought you would get a weekend of reprieve from all the fun activities we have going on at the lake, you are, indeed, wrong.  Because we do not sit still around here for long.

Go forth, my friends.  Have a fabulous weekend at the Lake – we’ll see ya next week!