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A Warm and Fuzzy Feel Good Friday

Image by Pepper Mint from Pixabay BY: RACHEL WUMKES This week’s endcap blog piece is going to be short and sweet.  Not because there isn’t anything to toot our horns about this week, but instead because Mother Nature has given us a gift and I want each of you to enjoy it...
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‘Cause This is Thriller Night

Image by Anja from Pixabay BY: RACHEL WUMKES Every holiday seems to have a plethora of musical selections to go along with the celebration.  On Valentine’s Day, we listen to crooners serenade us about everlasting love.  The 4th of July is filled with the sounds of big bands, tooting their horns in...
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Let’s Carve out some Fun!

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay BY: RACHEL WUMKES The epic event of pumpkin carving is always a grand occurrence in our house.  We start out with the best of intentions.  I make sure we have ample supplies for the evening to begin.  Designs are planned, tools sharpened, and papers spread across...
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