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For the Love of Books, just Read this Blog!

    BY: RACHEL SMITH Yesterday was ‘National Write Your Story Day.’  I had grand plans.  Grand ones.  To write some eloquent little number about how writing triggers your inner creative monster, sparking stories and plot twists from deep within the inner psyche. But you see, I’m a mom.  And while I love my kids (biological and bonus) with...
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It’s Time to give it a TRI

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH I found this article on  It includes tips and advice for those looking to do their first triathlon.  As I skimmed through the slides, it hit me that anyone really CAN give it a TRI.
  1. Dispel your Fears
    1. This is a big one. Because, honestly, it can be scary.  And most...
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A Few Tips & Tricks for TRI Training

BY: RACHEL SMITH I know what you’re thinking:  Triathlons are for the super-athletic.  The people who spend hours and hours at the gym each day.  The gung-ho, only-eat-healthy-and-workout types. Well… that’s not entirely true.  In fact, TRI Clear Lake is the perfect example of where one could start on their Triathlon journey.  It’s a mix of newbies...
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A Place to Gather

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH Remember that baby shower you planned for your friend’s daughter awhile back?  You know, the one where you searched and searched for a place that could accommodate forty or so people with no luck?  And then, instead of delivering the disappointing news that the shower was off, you offered up YOUR HOUSE...
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