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BY: RACHEL SMITH Last evening we unveiled the cover for Destination Clear Lake, a comprehensive guide to our remarkable tourist town.  Being the 75th Anniversary of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, the guide features a special, through-the-years look at past Chamber Presidents including highlights of distinct Chamber moments. As in past years, the guide is filled...
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Teen Sensation – Bobby Rydell

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH When I was a teenager, I was slightly obsessed with the movie, Grease.  I remember thinking how awesome it would have been to attend Rydell High School, mostly because the students randomly broke out into spontaneous song over the mundane issues of their lives.  They’d sing through their troubles and fears, their...
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Little Miss Dynamite – Brenda Lee

photocredit: decca records BY: RACHEL SMITH The Saturday night headliner of the Winter Dance Party this year is none other than Little Miss Dynamite -- Brenda Lee.  She’s a music legend, and one of the few child stars who  kept at it, plugging away and honing their craft throughout the years. In the spirit of Winter Dance Party...
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