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An Athlete Invasion

BY: RACHEL WUMKES They’ve been planning this for weeks.  Months even. Training.  Practicing.  Pushing the limits of their bodies. And now… the time has come. They’ll begin to trickle into town late in the week.  You may not notice it at first.  A car here.  A truck there.  But then, like a swarm of locusts descending on a field...
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Harvest Festival 2020 – I’ll Clink to That!

BY: RACHEL WUMKES If ever there has been a reason to celebrate, to really go all out and live life to the fullest… it’s now.  Not necessarily today, but it’s coming.  In fact, it’s just around the corner on October 3rd and, with some crafty planning and a detailed mitigation plan, it’s actually happening. HARVEST FESTIVAL!!!! Read more

Feel Good Friday

photocredit: Jessica Wood BY: RACHEL WUMKES For all the weeks I can’t believe it’s Friday already, this one has definitely been the opposite.  It didn’t help that I’ve been one day off since Tuesday, projecting myself a day into the future. Imagine my despair when I hopped out of bed yesterday morning ready to have the greatest...
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T.G.I. Feel Good Friday!

Image by Bessi from Pixabay BY: RACHEL WUMKES I say it every week, but how can it be Friday again already?  Is it just me?  Do I live in some type of time warp where the weeks whiz by in a blur, leaving a barrage of carnage and dust in its tracks? I...
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