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My Kind of Run

photocredit: Lake Time Brewery BY: RACHEL WUMKES It seems to be the fad these days.  The cool thing to do. Running. And not just the actual act of running, but participating in the various races throughout the country-side.  There’s the 5K, the 10K, half and full marathons.  I mean, we even have our very own Sprint and Olympic Triathlon...
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We are OPEN for Business!!

photocreidt: BY: RACHEL SMITH   The 2nd annual vacant building tour, entitled “Clear Lake Open for Business” is being held from August 13th through August 24th.  Unlike last year, this year’s “tour” will be virtual.  Interested entrepreneurs are able to view the properties online, all listed in one place, from the comfort of their own home or...
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A Goal Without a Plan is just a Wish

BY: RACHEL SMITH   Have you ever thought of an amazing idea for a new business in town?  Or ever looked around our community and longed for a certain type of business? Ideas are a dime a dozen, really.  Concepts floating through our subconscious as the ‘what if’ or ‘wishes’ that seem so far out of reach. It...
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