You Just Have To TRI

You Just Have To TRI

Swim, Bike, Run.  You can do it… you just have to TRI.

By: Rachel Smith

For some people, the word Triathlon is not part of their vocabulary.  I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of people would look at it as impossible.  An unattainable activity for only the super athletic, totally in shape individual, right?


Anyone can do this!  And maybe you’re not physically or mentally ready to tackle it this year, but I encourage you to at least get out and watch the event.  Look around. I guarantee you will see a wide variety of people of every age, shape and size.  And yes… that intimidation factor will still be there.  You’ll see some amazing bikes and gear, but the fact of the matter is Tri Clear Lake is a great place for you to get started.  It will be a welcoming, inspiring atmosphere to anyone who steps outside of their comfort zone.

The race begins at 8am on Saturday, June 10th with a 750 meter open water swim at State Beach.  After that, participants will jump on their bikes and head out for a 12.4 mile jaunt.  The race wraps up with a 3.1 mile run, ending on Main Street.  When it’s all over, you can head over to City Park for a finish-line party you won’t want to miss.  If you’re still on the fence, here’s a little tidbit of information you may have never guessed:

You can do Tri Clear Lake as a relay.


Say what?  Well that just sweetened the deal, didn’t it!  And even better, you can have two or three people on your relay team.  Maybe the swim totally freaks you out, but the bike and run wouldn’t be so bad.  Well, one person can sign up to do the swim and the others can finish out with the bike and run.

Huh, this whole triathlon thing is starting to sound like it wouldn’t be such a bad idea!  Not only that, but every participant is there for a different reason.  Yes, some are in it for the competition; to beat their previous time or to win the race in their age group.  For some, it’s a pure bucket list item.  Something they’ve always wanted to do.  And others will be there because they’ve made a conscious decision to be healthier.  It’s a great sense of accomplishment to cross that finish line and achieve something you never thought you could do.

The common denominator in all these people is one thing… they did it.  They gave it a TRI.

Registration is $65 and limited to 500 participants.  For more information or to register online go to

See you on race day!

To volunteer, click here to sign up!

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