The Best Meals Around

The Best Meals Around




How are we all doing?  Has everyone recovered from all the 4th of July and Bicycle, Blues & BBQ fun?  I, personally, spent Sunday being a bum on my couch and it felt glorious!

But I didn’t have too long to relax.  Oh no, in Clear Lake, you get one day to catch your breath and then it’s off to the races for the next event.  This week, Thursdays on Main makes its return to downtown after a two-week hiatus and it’s packed full of fun.

Then, on Sunday, it’s the day you’ve all been waiting for… the annual Chicken BBQ in the park.

There are not a lot of things better in life than the Noon Lions Chicken BBQ.  Except I’d have to say it does come in at a solid tie with the Evening Lions hamburger and sweet corn feed.

Man, we know how to eat in the Midwest, don’t we?

The Noon Lions are one of our Chamber Pioneers, meaning they were a charter member of the Chamber 75 years ago and are still going strong.  Formed in 1921, they call themselves the “Noon Lions” but Noon is not really part of their name.  This distinction is made so they are not confused with the “Evening Lions” who were formed in 1975.

The Noon Lions bought the land currently knows as Lions Field and donated it to the Clear Lake school system.  They have contributed numerous attributes to Clear Lake, including the shelter house at Touristville Park, the shelter house at Pine Tree Park, the walking paths at Opportunity Village, and the fountain gazebo building in City Park.

And even though their philanthropic ideals have been a wonderful benefit to Clear Lake, the highlight for the Lions is their annual Chicken BBQ, held the 3rd Sunday in July in downtown Clear Lake.  Thousands of people line the streets around City Park to partake in this delicious meal.

Get your tickets today, because once they’re sold out – that’s it!  And I can’t remember a year that it hasn’t sold out in a snap.

But if you do miss your chance, it’s OK, because the Evening Lions swoop into the park three weeks later (August 5th) with their annual hamburger and sweet corn feed.

Folks… it doesn’t it more American than hamburgers and sweet corn!  Especially since it’s the same weekend as the CLASS Car show and Cruise.  That, coupled with the beauty of Clear Lake’s City Park and the gorgeous lake in the background - its summer fun… and food – at its finest.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… our town is totally the coolest!  And while the Lions’ meals in the park are a sign we’re on the downslide of summer, don’t let it bum you out.  There are still plenty of days full of sunshine, lake time, and awesome events to fill your tank.



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