National Golfer’s Day

National Golfer’s Day




I had a brief moment of panic this morning.  The note on my calendar says ‘write about national golf day.’ After equipping myself with coffee and music, my first order of business was to fire up my old friend, Google, and see what I could learn about this special day in our lives.

What I learned is National Golf Day is May 28th.  My heart sunk in my chest, the despair so deep I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go on.  You see, I am a creature of organization and lists.  I do not know how to ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ as they say.

I have to follow the schedule.

The schedule said to write about golf!!!

Thankfully, I didn’t just give up and close my computer.  Instead, I scrolled through the various articles until I found my golden ticket way down at the bottom of the page.

April 10th is not National Golf Day… it’s National GOLFER’S Day!

Thus, we are not actually celebrating the sport, but the participants.  Which is a good thing, because the main purpose of this article was going to highlight my enthusiasm for spring and the fact that we’d soon be able to hit the links.

But… you know… since we’re currently experiencing this new season in Iowa called ‘Sprinter’ everyone’s golf game is on hold until we have grass and stuff.

So today we celebrate the golfer.  The good, the bad, and the ones who like to just ride along, waiting for the beer cart to whiz by.  The great thing about golf is that you don’t need to worry about letting down a team if you’re not great at it.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I will play an amazing round of golf, and the next time I head out, I’ll whiff constantly or hit my ball in every direction EXCEPT toward the hole.

Such is golf, I suppose.  Or maybe it’s just me!

Regardless, golf and the people who play it, have evolved tremendously over the years.  Where it used to be a stuffy game for the rather uptight, snooty-falooty crowd who wore their tight knickers and tweed caps, it now carries more pizzazz, more zest and zing.  And the golfers?  Well, they’re wearing bright colors and sporting their favorite sponsor on their clothing.

Thankfully, Clear Lake is home to two fabulous golf courses.  Oak Hills, located on 27th Ave South, offers terrific views and challenging play for golfers at every skill level.  Their well-groomed fairways and greens keep Oak Hills Golf Course difficult yet friendly.

The other option is Veterans Memorial Golf Course, also knows as ‘All Vets.’  Located along North Shore Drive, their tree-lined fairways and strategically placed bunkers provide golfers of all abilities a wonderful golfing experience.  They were also named the 2014 IGA Best 9-Hole Course of the Year.

That’s a pretty big deal!

So congrats on your special day, golfers of Clear Lake.  Even through the piles of disgusting spring snow, may you hold your drivers high and celebrate all the amazingness that is soon to come out on the course!


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