Into the Guts of Summer

Into the Guts of Summer



As I sit in my quiet office this morning, casually sipping my second cup of steaming Cabin Coffee deliciousness, I can’t help but wonder… how can I be THIS tired?  I have a part time, non-stressful job where I get to spend each morning immersed in a plethora of words about what’s happening around town, and I take my kids to the pool in the afternoons so I can soak up the sun and watch them have a blast.

So how?  How is it that if someone came in and tried to steal my coffee right now, I’d likely have a complete mental breakdown?

It’s called the Guts of Summer, folks, and I’m in the thick of it!

I recently updated the Events Line, and this week alone listed 16 events on the calendar.  SIXTEEN!!  Granted, some are for kids and some are strictly for adults, but still… that’s a whole lot of goodness going on for a small lake town in Iowa.  Bike night at the OP, Blue Horizon players at PM Park, Dockside Night on the Lady, Arts Center activities galore, Thursdays on Main, Fresh on Friday, Farmer’s Market, Yoga by the Lake, and the Singing Cowgirl at the Library.

And that doesn’t even include all the lake time, pool time, ballgames, reading program, park challenge excursions, and swimming lessons.

This, my friends, is what I have officially dubbed “The Guts of Summer.”  That crazy-busy time in your life where it seems like you run around all day, going from one activity or event to the next, only to come home for a quick shower and to get some sleep.

And I love it.  LOVE. IT.

I wouldn’t trade the craziness for anything in the World.  Which is why we try our hardest to hit up as many events as possible. You see, it’s needed to get you through the winter.  Because even though Clear Lake does a great job of keeping the activity fire burning during the cold, winter months, you need to keep a tiny bit of summer in your reserve tank.  A slice of sunshine, a snippet of live music playing at the Landing, or maybe the taste on your tongue of a homemade treat you picked up at Farmer’s Market.

Fill your tank! 

Life is short, people.  Someday when I’m old and sitting around the kitchen table playing cards with my friends on a Tuesday afternoon, I want to remember.  I want us to have stories of concerts at the Surf and Thursdays on Main and time spent on the sandy beach at State Park.  I want us to talk about “that summer” when our kids made it to every park in the #CLParkChallenge and how much fun they had.  I want to remember my empty wallet because my son blew through all my money playing Laser Tag at Thursdays on Main while I stood around with friends sipping on a delicious can of Oreo Speedwagon from Lake Time Brewery.

These are the memories that make up the blueprint of our lives.  We’re lucky we live in a place that offers the possibility to make them.

So enjoy.  Take in every moment.  Immerse yourself into the guts of summer.

**Shameless Plug Ahead**

And remember to post pictures of all your activities on social media using the hashtag #myclearlake

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