Halloween Theatre at the Arts Center

Halloween Theatre at the Arts Center

Submitted by Kelly Rose. Originally published on traveliowa.com.

If the thought of eating roadkill from a psychotic butcher or buying a drink from a zombie wench slightly gives you an uneasy feeling (but in slightly a good way), you are in for a night of thrills at the Clear Lake Arts Center. The Dedhouse Truck Stop & Roadkill Grill, a Kitchen Sink Production, is taking stage on October 16-18 in the Sukup Performing Arts Room with musical acts, zombie shtick, and several appetizer courses of delicious, mouth-watering (and Halloween-themed) food. Think Ed Sullivan Show but with a ghoulish theme – and food!

The musical acts showcase area musicians with hit songs like Rocky Raccoon, Hit the Road Jack, Last Kiss, and Brown Eyed Girl. The audience is encouraged to scream, howl, boo, hiss, and laugh throughout the performances as well as cringe as a couple of lady zombies try to lure one of the band members into loving them forever as forever is all they have in their half-crypt world. Ever seen a dead girl go at it in a chick fight? This will be your night. Think you can stomach bloody bread pudding or mealworms? You have three nights with three chances to find out. Just want to have a good time with friends and family while being entertained? This show will fulfill your low evening requirements by far. Plus wine and beer will be available (if not encouraged) and will no doubt make the show better.

This Clear Lake performing arts group has been spoofing the serious, and not so serious, events of a time period in their unique and crazy way for over ten years. Kitchen Sink Drama and Performing Arts was formed to produce all performance programs within the Clear Lake Arts Center. It all began with first a single, then soon after, two “Cup O Joe” performances a year. As the success of Cup O Joe grew, so did the incentive to expand the theater programming to include school participation and invite more people to get involved in creating new types of performance. As the group continues to grow and take on new actors, shows have been continually added to the roster including this second-ever Halloween special. For more information on how to get involved in the Kitchen Sink Productions, contact the Clear Lake Arts Center.

With limited seating available, the show completely sold out last year - so don’t wait until the day of the show to buy your tickets or there’s a good chance you won’t get in. For tickets contact the Clear Lake Arts Center at (641) 357-1998 or stop in during open hours to purchase. Tickets are on sale for $15

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