Dare to Dream on the upcoming Open for Business Tour

Dare to Dream on the upcoming Open for Business Tour

Dare to Dream on the upcoming Open for Business Tour


Have you even dreamed of owning your own business?  Sitting around with friends and you say, “You know, Clear Lake really needs a ______.”  Everyone agrees.  Everyone decides it would be the perfect addition to our quaint lake town.  Everyone thinks you would be the best person to start said business, and you know you’d be great at it.

But then days, weeks, and months pass by.  The idea is still there, floating around in the back of your subconscious, but you never seem to be able to pull the trigger.

There’s a term for people like this – it’s called a ‘wantrepreneur.’  Urban Dictionary defines a wantrepreneur as someone who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started.

So what are you waiting for?  What seems to be holding you back from making your dream a reality? Oh.. you need a place for your business, you say?  An empty building, perhaps?  Well, you’re in luck!

It just so happens that on August 19th from 9-11am, you have the chance to take a big step in the right direction in becoming an entrepreneur.

The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, along with the Clear Lake Board Entrepreneur Committee, has put together the first vacant building tour.  It’s entitled, “Clear Lake Open for Business.”  The tour will feature up to a dozen available commercial buildings.

A special map will be made available locating the buildings on the tour to view. The realtors who hold each listing will have specialized information, indicating what types of businesses have been housed in their available buildings.  The tour will take you around to each location, where you’ll be able to view the building and ask questions.

I highly encourage anyone who even has the tiniest inkling of investing or starting a business to attend.  Maybe it’ll be just the push you need to make that dream come true.  Maybe it’ll be the start of something big in Clear Lake.  Maybe… just maybe… it’ll change your life.

The featured properties are available here. We will also have copies and maps available at the Chamber office, 205 Main Avenue. These listings are subject to change up until Saturday morning!

Feel free to call the Chamber with any questions.  641-357-2159.

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