You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat



It’s one of the most iconic movie lines in history… but can you name the movie?

If you guessed JAWS, you’d be correct!

Roy Schneider utters the phrase in the 1975 blockbuster after he gets a look at the massive beast terrorizing the waters in his small, coastal town.  Viewers had to wait until halfway through the movie, likely on the edge of their seats, as the drama unfolded and revealed the larger-than-life shark.

Well… sort of, I mean the movie was called Jaws so hopefully people had it figured out.

So where am I going with this?  Well… it appears we’ve come upon the fabulously awesome, yet totally made up ‘holiday’ of sorts in our great Nation.

Shark Week!

And here’s a fun fact:  I bet you didn’t know this is their 30th celebration of the annual franchise.  The fun kicked off on Sunday, July 22nd with eight days of shark-centric specials.  And while often times the Discovery Channel has utilized this week as a tool to encourage conservation and highlight problems the shark population faces, it’s also a week of completely random, hilariously-stupid shows.

Hence:  Sharknado.

If you’ve never heard of this movie, you need to Google it.  Because me trying to describe it to you through words alone is not sufficient.  It is, quite possibly, the dumbest thing on television.  Yet, I can’t look away.  And the acting.  For the love of Pete, it’s just awful.  And these people make millions of dollars?


Anywho… I did actually have a point when I started writing this…

You see, for years people have utilized water destinations as a source of family fun.  A place to relax and vacation, to spend a week frolicking on the sandy beaches and ease the sting of the hot sun by submersing themselves in the cool water.  A place where you can cruise the lake in your boat or speed around on a jet-ski for hours on end with no worries.  Where sitting on a floaty, a cold drink in your hand as you chat with friends and let your feel dangle into the water, is completely safe.

You know… you can do all of these things in our little lake town.  You can swim, and ski, and float, and make thousands of memories with your loved ones.

Clear Lake, Iowa… all the magical lake-time fun.

And no sharks!


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