It’s Year #2… are you ready to give it a TRI?

It’s Year #2… are you ready to give it a TRI?



As the 2nd annual TRI Clear Lake looms ahead, it’s time to get those entry forms in to save your spot.

Wait, what?  Are you talking to me?

Now, before you get it in your head that you CAN’T do this.  And trust me, I know exactly what y’all are thinking:

  1. There’s no way I can do a triathlon.
  2. The only way I run is if a large animal is chasing me.
  3. I can only swim with my Hello Kitty floaty.

WRONG.  You can totally do this.  TRI Clear Lake is the perfect event for newcomers to the sport, as well as seasoned veterans.  The course is flat and fast, and you get to swim, bike and run in the cutest little tourist town in North Iowa!

So for all the newbies out there who are on the fence about this, never fear!  This race is VERY beginner friendly.  First off, it’s just a sprint race… meaning the distances are much shorter than a ‘normal’ triathlon.  There is also a Tri 101 course you can take to familiarize yourself with all things TRI.

Are you sold yet?  Hmm… well, what if I told you there will be lots of cool stuff at the finish line?  Not to mention an amazing party with live music in City Park.  Maybe the motivation you need is knowing there’s an ice cold beer waiting at the waterfront finish line!

Another bonus is that TRI Clear Lake is held on a Saturday.  Typically, triathlon events take place on Sunday and, honestly, who wants to race, party and have to go back to work the next day?

Not me!  I’d need at least 3 days to recover…

For those STILL not sure, maybe you’re just missing that team spirit?  Well, you can do TRI Clear Lake as a relay.  Find your strongest swimmer, biker and runner and sign up together.  You only have to do your part and let your team handle to rest.  For those that just want to see what the event is all about, this might be a great way to get out those race jitters before you commit for the full event yourself.

Last year, TRI Clear Lake showed great participation by both local people and out of towners.  It would be SO awesome to weigh that scale heavy on the local side.  Now is the perfect time to really kick it into high gear and get your body (and mind) prepared to tackle this incredible feat!

You can do this.  I know you can.  The Aquatic Center lifeguards will be there to ensure your safety during the swim. Athletico staff will be positioned throughout the entire course in case you need help, and at the finish line to assist with stretching and treatments.

Get your mind set.  Get motivated.  Go… give it a TRI.

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