Why Should you Give it a TRI?

Why Should you Give it a TRI?



As I was perusing through active.com the other day, finalizing my research on a previous article I posted about TRI Clear Lake, I came across this one:  ’10 Reasons you should do a Triathlon.’  It got me thinking…  in random conversations I’ve had with folks here and there, a common thing I hear as they give me brush-off is, “Why would I want to do that?”

Well, here is your answer.  The top 10 reasons you should get your butt signed up for a triathlon.  Preferably, TRI Clear Lake.  I mean… it’s local, it’s a beautiful course, you get lots of free stuff and an awesome finish line party are just a FEW reasons.  But here are the top ten from the professionals at active.com.


  1. Bragging Rights

Heck yeah!!  Can you imagine how good it will feel to be able to say YOU DID IT??!!  Seriously, it’s a huge accomplishment and one you should be proud to brag about.

  1. To Meet New People

You’d be surprised the number of people who will come from far and wide to attend TRI Clear Lake.  Imagine you’re on the run portion.  Your legs are starting to feel weak and you sync up with another runner who, unknowingly, pushes you through to the finish line.  After the race you get to talking, find out your kids are the same age and become lifelong friends.

Hey… it could happen!

  1. Expand Your Comfort Zone

This is a big one.  My comfort zone is this tiny little box.  In it, are my favorite places to eat, favorite things to do, all which are familiar and comfortable for me.  But sometimes, in life, in order to grow as a human being, you need to step outside of that familiar box and do something different.  You never know, you just might love it.

  1. For the Variety

You might be tired of running the same old 5K, 10K or marathon you’ve always signed up for.  TRI Clear Lake is great for those stuck in a rut because you can swim, bike and run all in one great race.

  1. To Satisfy Your Type-A Personality

I can totally relate to this.  Nothing (to me) is more exciting than getting a list of things I need to do and then check them off one by one.  This is exactly what you’ll do with your training schedule and race planning.  Set a goal.  Stick to it.  Trust me, it’ll be exhilarating.

  1. To Push Boundaries

This one goes along the same lines as #8.  Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries are fairly similar.  Set lofty goals and then strive to reach them.  I bet you’re capable of more than you think!

  1. To Surprise Yourself

See?  You can do it!  You are stronger than you think you are, and more able to finish than you’ll ever believe.  Follow the training to the best of your ability and just DO IT.  Nobody said you need to WIN the race, just that you need to give it a TRI and finish the race!

  1. For the Triumphant Finish

Imagine running through that finish line; arms in the air, a wide smile on your face as your family and friends cheer from the sidelines.  What a feeling!  What an accomplishment!  What a relief that it’s over?  Maybe so!  But you did it – and you deserve every bit of that finish-line-party-fun you can muster.

  1. To Be A Role Model

This one is SO important.  Little eyes and little ears are always watching, always soaking up anything they can from you.  Show them about discipline.  Share with them your journey through training, preparations, and let them see your grand finish as you complete your goal.  It’s the best lesson you could teach a young child.

  1. Find out What You’re REALLY Made of

Honestly, you are capable of so much more than you think.  I know it’s been somewhat of a theme throughout this blog post, but you really are.  You can do this.  I know you can.

You just need to give it a TRI.

Sign up here and show yourself, your family and friends, what you’re made of!






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