Who’s Ready for Spring?

Who’s Ready for Spring?

photocredit: Washington Post


It’s been a long time, probably since I was a kid, that I can remember a worse winter than this one.  As we just experienced the 9th snow day for our students here in Clear Lake, it leaves me wondering just how long after Memorial Day they’ll still be in school.

This last storm was a doozy – and I wasn’t even in town to witness it!  Nope… I was in Ames watching our 4th grade Lions basketball team win the DII State Tournament.

Yay, Lions!!!

We ended up traveling down Friday, in hopes to beat the icy mix predicted to fall that evening.  And while we packed an extra set of clothes “just in case” I really didn’t anticipate we’d be stuck there Sunday night.

And even with a still-closed Interstate, we made the decision to attempt a trip back to North Iowa late Monday morning.  A caravan of SUV’s and trucks traveled the treacherous roads, seeing car after car after car stuck in the ditches around us.  The crew made it to Belmond before being forced to alter our travel plans due to a closed road.  Thankfully, the blacktops were clear enough that we wound our way through a few small towns, landing in Clear Lake by mid-afternoon.

As I’ve perused my Facebook feed today, the one thing that stuck out is the countless stories of neighbors helping neighbors.  Of friends and co-workers helping to dig out, shoveling snow for those who could not.  Our neighbors graciously braved the whipping wind to make sure our furnace vents were cleared while we were away.

And that’s what makes Clear Lake such a great place to live.  It’s not just the amazing lake and the fabulous events going on around town.  It’s the people.  People who will do what they can to help when it’s needed.

The OP opened their doors to those forced to work despite the mess; police officers, firemen, and first responders.  And of course, the snow plow drivers and tow truck operators.  They say not all heroes wear capes, and they’re right.

Some wear Carhart snow gear and a bright orange vest!

So thank you.  Thank you to the city workers and everyone who had a part in cleaning the streets, rescuing the stranded, and aiding the community when people needed it the most.

I’d like to say this is the end of our winter trials and tribulations, but I fear I’d be wrong.  So instead, I’ll do the same thing I did last week; close my eyes and dream of the fabulous summer months in Clear Lake.

What’s that sound?  I can almost hear Arch Allies putting on a show in the park.  The cool breeze blows in off the lake, wafting the smells of carnival food my way.

Summer is coming.  Just hold on a bit longer, Clear Lakers.



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