Who Dunnit?

Who Dunnit?

photocredit: news.hamlethub.com


The priceless diamond studded pterodactyl egg at the Larch Pine Inn has been stolen and Dr Pattie, heir to the 1875 Victorian Home in Clear Lake, (currently the Larch Pine Inn Bed & Breakfast), needs your help finding the thief!!

Was it Chef Ginger, Ms. Pheasant or maybe… it was you!

Where were YOU the night in question?  Hmm? Who were you with? What were you doing? 

photocredit: eventsontheedge.com

Don’t be alarmed, folks, there wasn’t an actual theft at the Larch Pine Inn.  The above is a little snippet from their newest endeavor… a Mystery Tea!

The Mystery Tea at the Larch Pine Inn is an intriguing afternoon where guests become the character and try to solve the mystery.  Information on each person, as well as intricate plot details, will be sent to each registrant in advance.  Guests are highly encouraged to dress the part, submerging themselves deep into the story to solve the mystery.

Cost of the event is $35/person and includes an interactive mystery event, 3-course mystery luncheon, mystery tea and prizes.  Seating is limited to only 16 participants, and reservation must be made before Thursday, January 30th.

For reservations call 641-357-0345 or email info@larchpineinn.com

The mystery genre has been around since the late 1800s, garnering interest and wide-spread popularity with the masses in books, television series, and movies.  A classic case of “who dunnit?” gets the imagination churning, causing people to be suspicious of everyone, and leaving nothing unturned.

And seriously, what an incredible event for Clear Lake.  I love everything about this entire concept, but mostly the fact of something different and intriguing to keep us sharp during the cold, winter months in North Iowa!

As stated above, you must be registered by Thursday, January 30th.  That’s just a few short days away, so I suggest you get some friends together and call for reservations.  You don’t want to miss out on this inaugural event at the fabulous Larch Pine Inn right here in Clear Lake!

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