Whirlwind Week

Whirlwind Week

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Well, folks, it seems we’ve taken a few steps back in this whole pandemic business.  The fight against COVID-19 is front and center in many of our lives.  Whether you’re battling the illness, in the trenches of a busy Holiday season with limited customers or welcoming our school-aged children home for all of next week, we’re in this together.

I know… totally sounds cliché and we’ve heard it a bazillion times this year.  But we really are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

And when that glorious day comes when we get to the other side… when we go to a concert at the Surf and enjoy a cold beer inside a packed Rookies with our friends… it’s going to be AMAZING.

For now, however, being in the company of others is just not an option.  Mercy One North Iowa is bursting at the seams with sick patients.  The nurses, doctors, and entire staff have been pushed to the brink this year.  And now, we need to do our part more than ever to keep our community safe, to lessen the burden on the medical staff, and so North Iowa businesses can remain open.

This seemingly year-long week began with the Governor’s proclamation on Monday night.  I don’t know about you, but I had four very sad kiddos in my house when they heard their basketball season was put on hold.  In fact, we’re supposed to be travelling to Lake Mills for six games this evening, followed by 3 more on Saturday.

Alas, we will be doing none of that.

I had just gotten to the point of acceptance in this matter, when I sat down to work on Wednesday morning only to be welcomed by the “blue screen of death” on my beloved computer.

It was devastating.

DEVASTATING, people!!!!

Thankfully, the brightest spot in my entire week was the folks at TQ Technologies right here in Clear Lake!  My friends, if your computer is on the fritz, I highly recommend giving them a call.  They were friendly, efficient, and got my baby back to me (with a brand-new hard drive installed) in just 2 days.

I would have danced a jig of glee right there in the parking lot, except they are located on Hwy 18, there were a lot of cars driving by and I was a scary sight.  No makeup.  Kids mask on my face.  Roots of gray blowing in the wind as I’m desperately in need of a hair color!

This is real life, people.  And apparently a sign of old age by my level of happiness.

So, while I’m doing what I can to stay home, at least I have my lifeline to the world.  The keeper of all the fantastical words and funny little antidotes.  I can still write about my beautiful community and keep everyone up to date on the happenings around town and with our Chamber Members.

Thus, another week comes to a close.  While I’m thankful this one is over, I’m also hopeful for the future.  I’m grateful my kids have been in school this long, and optimistic they'll be able to continue as such.

Cheers to a great weekend at the Lake, my friends.  Remember to wear a mask if you must be out and about.

Order take-out like your life depends on it.

Shop local.  Buy local.  Support local.

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