What is Paradise?

What is Paradise?


Don’t worry folks… it’s still me.  The same ol’ blog writer.  But yes, my name did change!  I tied the knot on July 27th in my backyard with a celebration at the Surf Ballroom that rivaled a Beatles concert back in the day.

Okay, that might be a tad exaggeration.  But it sure was a lot of fun!

Then, my husband and I flew off to the island of Grenada for a week of fun and sun in paradise.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The way the blue water morphs into a light shade of turquoise before gently rolling into the sandy beaches of each island.  The rich history that lies at each location as we took in the old buildings around the marina.  On our dune buggy tour, we saw island living at its finest… and also not.  Everything from gorgeous mansions to tiny, one room shanties with no air conditioning, and probably no bathroom, dotted the mountain side.

It got me thinking.  What exactly is paradise?

For us, it sure felt like paradise.  Waking to the hot sun and the lull of the ocean waves.  Gorging ourselves on the most amazing food and drinks.  Sitting on the beach, going on a catamaran cruise at sunset, massages, more food and drinks.

It was hard to leave.  Yet, I haven’t had that pang of sadness hit me yet.  That little bout of slight depression when you realize your vacation is over and you have to go home.

Monday morning I ran a bunch of errands, and as we drove away from Clear Lake Bank & Trust toward the lake it really hit me:

I’m not sad to be home… because I LIVE in paradise!

Tourists were out and about already, enjoying their morning walk through the park.  Boats and jet skis dotted the water, catching a morning ride on the smooth lake.

It’s the tail end of summer fun.  School is on the horizon and fall sports are starting soon… if not already.  Before we know it, lake homes will be closed up for the winter and many of our transplant residents will head home.

But we get to stay.

So let’s enjoy these last few weeks in paradise, okay?  Get out and do something you’ve never done before.  Eat at a new restaurant, or pop in to one of the shops you’ve never been to before.  Be sure to take in one of those incredible Clear Lake sunsets!

Don’t forget to fill your tank with as much summer fun and sun as you can fit in there.  Fill it with memories.  Fill it with little bits of our paradise… Clear Lake!

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