We Salute You

We Salute You

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay


It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when WWI ended.  It was known as the “war to end all wars” because of the massive slaughter and devastating destruction.

It did not, in fact, end all wars.

Americans went on to fight in WW2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the present War in Afghanistan.  It is these men and women who we salute today.  Those who fought so valiantly for our country, for our freedom.

When I think of a soldier, words like bravery and courage come to mind.



For it is the solder who stands firm against the enemy.  The one who rises to every challenge presented and does so for the good of their country.  They bleed just like you and me.  Except they bleed the red, white and blue.

In a time when our country is so divided, let’s take today to celebrate patriotism.  To celebrate freedom, and justice.  To stand with Lady Liberty and say THANK YOU to all the men and women who gave so much.

These days hate spews so easily through our keyboards, out of our mouths, and even spills into the streets.  Fear is instilled into our children instead of pride.  Rage burns inside so many people, poking the fire of animosity, stirring the coals of anger.

As we celebrate this National Holiday, remember it’s not just a day off of work, or the chance to take advantage of a shopping discount at some big box furniture store.

It’s about the men and women who have served and are still serving today.  It’s about their families and all they’ve gone through while their loved one is overseas.  It’s about those who bled and died in the name of the United States of America.

It’s about putting aside our political views for one day and instead of being red and blue, Republican and Democrat, we can all just be Americans.

In Clear Lake, many establishments and eateries have deals and discounts to celebrate our Veterans.

The Other Place – Free ½ sandwich and cup of soup for Veterans

Simply Nourished – Free lunch for Veterans (and their spouses).  Choose from sandwiches, salads or the already prepared lunchbox.  Dine in or grab and go!

LAKE LAP – The crew at Sunset Sharky’s has organized a lake lap.  Meet at the Surf Ballroom parking lot at 5:20pm and the cruise begins at 5:30pm.  Decorated vehicles are encouraged but not necessary.

Starboard Market - Proudly identify yourself and lunch is on us!

Half Moon Inn - free appetizer for Veterans who come out to eat with us tonight.

Fareway - Offering a 15% discount on November 11th for all Veterans and active duty Military. Simply show your Military ID or let your cashier know your branch of service.

The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce sends a heartfelt 'thanks' to all those who have served, and who are currently serving, our country.

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