We Relay for the Future, and to Remember the Past

We Relay for the Future, and to Remember the Past



This post is a bit of a personal one.  One that hopefully incites you with a fire to get involved, to join the fight, and to help us find a cure.

This Friday, June 1st is the Cerro Gordo Relay for Life.  Held at City Park in our beautiful downtown Clear Lake, it’ll be a night of honor for those who are knee-deep in their fight against cancer, and a night to remember those who have gone before us.  The event kicks off at 6pm with a special concert by The Whitesidewalls from 7-10pm.

So why Relay?

Well, I Relay because in June of 2010, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.  During his six year battle he underwent 3 lengthy brain surgeries, ingested countless drugs, and was poked and prodded with a needle more times that I can even count.  He fought hard, and he never gave up.  He often said cancer was the best thing that happened to him, because it taught him how to really live.  In those years while he fought, we packed in numerous vacations, lazy days on the lake and countless date nights.  He never passed up the opportunity to share a Lake Time brew with his friends, or to throw a line in the water with his son.

Unfortunately, he lost his battle in January of 2017.  And while it would be easy for me to simply give up and abandon my fight against cancer, that’s not the way I’m built.  Instead, his death lit a fire inside me that burns hotter than ever.

I will never be quiet about my passion to raise money and help find new treatment options, or even a cure.  I will seize every opportunity to help another family who may be struggling, dealing with the same fears we were just a short time ago.

I will never give up the fight.

So I hope you can join us on Friday night.  There will be food galore, bake sale items, and the most incredible silent auction (seriously… some of the items are SO COOL).

Maybe if we join together as a community and the county of Cerro Gordo… maybe we can make a difference.  Maybe we can be the reason that someone gets to celebrate another birthday, or anniversary.

Maybe we can be the reason they get to live.

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