Trust me, you’re a GREAT dancer!!!

Trust me, you’re a GREAT dancer!!!



Okay, that might be the wine talking.  But usually by mid-afternoon during Harvest Fest, one or all of my girlfriends decide that we are great dancers.

I mean, last year I watched a woman pick up this giant gourd outside of Larsen’s Mercantile and play it like a guitar.

Wait…was that me?  Did I do that?

The lineup of bands for Harvest Fest 2017 is quite exciting.  For all you general admission folks, there will be six bands playing throughout the day in three different areas.

On the main stage (located next to Larsen’s) will be a day full of rock and roll favorites.  From 11AM to 1:30 will be the four-person band, Betty and the Gents, from Mason City.  Their cool rock & roll vibe of playing fun music that people love is a great start to the festivities.  The Des Moines rock group, According to Hoyle, will finish out the day on the main stage from 3-5pm.  With the blend of an accordion sound, they play an eclectic mix of good ol’ tunes from the last forty years.

Guaranteed to make you perform an air guitar solo with a gourd.

Seriously… less wine this year, Rachel.  Yeesh.

For those with a sophisticated taste for the finer things in life, you can catch some amazing jazz at both the Lady of the Lake and the Clear Lake Arts Center.

11AM-2PM = Five Friends Jazz Combo (Lady of the Lake)

11:30AM-2PM = NOVA Jazz (Arts Center)

2:15PM-4:30PM = Feldspar (Arts Center)

2:30PM-5PM = Last Minute Combo (Lady of the Lake)


All four groups are guaranteed to stimulate your senses with their rich tones and smooth rhythms.

AND, for everyone who purchased the extra special, super amazing VIP bags (which have already sold out) there will be TWO musical acts at the Yacht Club during the day EXCLUSIVELY for you!

Now… here’s your chance to get involved, all you fantastic business people of Clear Lake.  Of these eight musical acts, there are still sponsorship opportunities for five of them!  It’s a fun, great way to get your company name in front of thousands of people for an amazing community event.

For more information on sponsorship's, please contact Tim Coffey at  (641) 357-2159 or

And if you have not yet already purchased your Harvest Fest bag you best be gettin' on it:

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