Trish Celebrates 20 Years With The Chamber

Trish Celebrates 20 Years With The Chamber

1995 was a special year in Chamber history. On November 16, 1995, Trish Fundermann Bridges Pletcher Fundermann was hired!  On her 20th Anniversary, we asked her a few questions about her tenure at the world’s greatest job.

Trish showing her fun-loving ways at the July 4th Carnival.

Trish showing off her love for the carnival at the July 4th Carnival while Tim, Libbey, and Patsy look on. (2013...quite a few hairstyles ago!) Photo: Lakeview Photography

What is one thing you’ll never forget?

First and foremost, I will never forget Dave Collins, who hired me 20 years ago and gave me the opportunity and believing in me to do this job….and I will also never forget all the other great bosses and co-workers that I have had the privilege to work next to over the last 20 years.

Tell us something that you’ve learned over the past 20 years.

That we have the greatest volunteers and community that have such pride in their hometown…Clear Lake, IA.

What has been the biggest change since 1995?

Let’s be real…it’s got to be my many, many, different hair styles/colors (actually got another new one as of yesterday)…lol

What you hope for in your next 20 years?

To be able to continue doing what I love…helping to make Clear Lake the greatest place to live and work! 

What is the best part of your job?

The hundreds of great friendships that I have made over the years…I am a very lucky person to have the greatest job, it has been one of the highlights of my life.

What is one of your career highlights?

Meeting President Bill Clinton & Hillary for our July 4th Parade.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Trish! 

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