It’s about that time of year again… SCHOOL!!!

It’s about that time of year again… SCHOOL!!!

photo credit:  Parents Magazine


It’s almost impossible for me to think of back to school time without the song popping into my head from the Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madison.  “Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad I’m not a fool.”

Seriously, it pretty much runs through my mind on loop as we browse the aisles of school supplies at Target.  Most of the time, it helps decrease the anxiety and rage I feel from being crammed into a tiny space with 37 other moms (and their kids) as we scramble to find the exact items on the list.

Because did you know… they want you to bring a package of TEN sharpened #2 pencils, but they’re only made in packs of EIGHT??

Why? Why would they do that to me? It causes my ‘Type A’ personality to have a minor meltdown.

And then, after all the planning and backpack packing and new clothes shopping, it finally arrives.

The first day of school.

It’s during this day that I salute the stay at home and work from home mothers (and fathers) around the country by raising a glass (read: bottle) of wine to celebrate the fact we made it through the summer with a tiny bit of our sanity still intact.

And, sometimes, I have a dance party in my living room.


Just me and my wine.

Don’t judge.  Summer can get long.

But something you may not realize during all the preparation of back to school for the kiddos is the countless hours of prep work our FANTASTIC teachers in Clear Lake put into getting their rooms and lesson plans ready for the upcoming school year.

For the past four years the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, along with the support of generous groups and businesses, has arranged an Educator Appreciation Breakfast for teachers and staff.  This year, the event will take place on Monday, August 21st.

It’s just a little something to get our educators, those responsible for shaping and cultivating the young minds of our community, off to a fantastic start for the year.

If you’d like to sponsor a table, or would like more information on the event, please contact the Chamber at 357-2159 or by email to

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