Time to Play!!

Time to Play!!

photocredit: redtri.com


Each Monday, I organize my writing schedule for the week.  I look through the community calendar for upcoming events and browse the internet to see if there are any National Holiday’s that would fit our lake town atmosphere.

So this week, I had written down in big, bold letters:  WEDNESDAY – NATIOANL MERRY GO ROUND DAY – Write about the Clear Lake Park Challenge.

And what did I do Wednesday?  I sat down at my desk, cracked my knuckles (okay, not really, I just added that part in for the dramatic effect) and wrote about Shark Week.


Thus, I missed National Merry Go Round Day altogether and my whole week is ruined!

Okay… that was maybe a bit over the top.

So this morning, as my five children sleep peacefully in their beds, I poured myself a cup of steaming liquid gold (read: coffee) and started to dig in on this piece.  And as I began to leaf through pages of old playground equipment photos I realized something:  Kids these days have it MADE when it comes to going to the park!

As a child of the 80s, it’s a wonder I survived the old, rickety equipment.  For example, there’s this little gem.

photocredit: pinterest.com

I mean… really?  First off, I remember this thing barely moved.  So you mostly just sat on your allotted animal and stared at the person across from you.

And then, who can forget this one?

photocredit: flickr.com

I mean… you climb inside.  Or on top.  And then you….  Wait, I’m actually not sure what we were supposed to do after that.

And who can forget the beloved metal slide?

photocredit: brainjet.com

Thousands of children around the world suffered the painful sting of sitting on this after it had been baking in the hot, summer sun all day.  But did you know, if you wipe a piece of wax paper on these babies before you slide down, it’ll actually shoot you to the moon?

Okay, maybe not the moon.  But you would FLY!

And after you’d given yourself 1st degree burns on the slide, it was always fun to hop on this wooden masterpiece and add in a sliver or two.

photocredit: dreamstime.com

And remember how fun it was to go on with someone bigger than you?  As they crashed to the ground you’d bounce right out of your seat!

And finally, the feature of the day: The Merry Go Round.

photocredit: 123rf.com

You haven’t lived until you held on for dear life as an adult spun you round and round, causing severe bouts of dizziness and possibly nausea.

Aahh, the good old days.  However, I have to admit the playground equipment these days is pretty awesome, too.

photocredit: playlsi.com

I mean, if you’re into safety and the well-being of children and all that.

So I know July is coming to an end and its almost time to switch gears and think about the school days ahead.  But you still have one more month to participate in the Clear Lake Park Challenge.

So get up! Get out!  Go visit our amazing parks and be sure to use the hashtag #clparkchallenge when you post your photos to social media.



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