There really IS an app for everything!

There really IS an app for everything!



Today is National App Day.  Seems like an odd thing to ‘celebrate’ if you ask me.  I was just excited that it coincided with the release of the new mobile banking and app for Chamber Member, Clear Lake Bank & Trust and giving me something to write about today!

Coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Either way, I started my research on this topic thinking I’d need to come up with a slew of witty comments and funny antidotes to garner enough information for an entire blog post.  But it turns out there’s actually quite a few fun facts pertaining to apps and how they came about.

Short for “software application” apps quickly appeared as our cell phones became increasingly advanced smart technology.  Do y’all remember those flip phones with no internet access?  I mean, their main purpose was to call or text.

How basic!

With Apple’s speedy growth over the years, mostly the invention of the iphone in 2007, apps have boomed.  In fact, the actual word “app” was listed as the Word of the Year in 2010.

Since then, apps have changed how we live, work and play.  Ten years ago, there were about five hundred apps.  Today, there are over two million with more being introduced every single day.  Apps are responsible for creating thousands of new companies, millions of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue.


In 2009, Apple trademarked the catchy phrase, “There’s an App for That!”  It’s basically the motto of today’s Millennials, and likely to blame for their inability to do much of anything on their own.  I mean, seriously, why would one learn how to do these things when there’s an app to do it for you.  There’s apps for dating, for food lovers, gamers, travel & entertainment, health & fitness, sports, music, news, finance, reading, and shopping.  The list literally goes on and on, showing that Apple was right and there truly is “An App for That!”

Unlike my generation, the Xennials.  Yes, you see, our motto and the highest trademarked slogan of OUR time was, “Where’s the beef?”

This explains so much about the vast gap in generations.  Yet… nothing at the same time.

Either way, we tip our hats to Clear Lake Bank & Trust for being the engine on the progressive train, for forging through when it’s easy to stay stagnant and without change.  Kudos to you on your new mobile banking and app.

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