The Uglier – the Better!

The Uglier – the Better!



Once upon a time people gathered for Christmas parties and Holiday get-togethers dressed in their “Christmas Best.”  Women donned beautiful gowns with gloves up to their elbows, while their gentleman friends wore a suit and tie with pride.

And then the 80s happened, shifting the meaning of “Christmas Best” to something all-together different.

Sweaters were knitted in bright, bold colors, adorned with Christmas items on the front and funny anecdotes pertaining to the Holiday’s.  At the time, we didn’t call them “Ugly Sweaters” – we just called them fashion.  However, these wild concoctions have become a staple at Christmas.


It’s not known WHO invented the ugly sweater.  But there is a group of individuals in Canada who claim they were the first to host the “Ugly Sweater Party.”  They’ve even trademarked it!  But that doesn’t stop friends, co-workers, schools, and everyone else in the world from holding such parties.

Our friends who invented the National Day Calendar have even dedicated an entire day to the Ugly Christmas Sweater.  Sunday, December 16th is the day of celebration.  A day to embrace your inner gaudiness and really let it all out.  Do not be shy – while you may think the person looking back at you in the mirror seems absolutely ridiculous, the rest of the world will love it.


In fact, the Ugly Christmas Sweater has become SO popular that clothing companies have jumped on the bandwagon, fighting with each other to see who can create the ugliest sweater around.  And boy, are there some doozies out there!  It seems the more embellishments one can include, the better.  That means more tinsel, more reindeer antlers, more Santa, more candy canes.  More everything.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one

The uglier the sweater, the better.  Some are adorned with bells, giving new meaning to “jingle all the way.”  While others include a battery pack to keep the flashing lights glowing brightly all night long.


Yes, the ugly Christmas sweater.  Once high fashion, now a fun joke for everyone to share.

Merry Christmas!

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