The Great Slow-Down of Autumn

The Great Slow-Down of Autumn


I tried.  I really did.  I researched and read articles and brainstormed all the ideas.  I even cranked the Debbie Gibson in my office and danced.

Still, my dream of writing the perfect blog post related to the great slow-down of Autumn seems to be impossible.  I mean, I say things tend to slow down during this time of year, but do they really?  The events email is jam-packed with approaching activities.  As I look ahead in upcoming months, there are concerts at the Surf, town festivities and events galore.

And maybe it’s just me, but the pace of the world seems to only get faster and faster.  I think, in part, it’s just what happens as you age.  Time slips by in a flash and before you know it, you’re old and life is over.

Depressing, huh?

So I’ve decided today to create my own pace for this season.  While Mother Nature is running the sprint, going from warm temps to this blasted freezing air, I’m choosing the marathon.  Setting a slow pace, taking in all of life’s grand moments and nature’s beauty at the Lake this Autumn.  It’s time to stop and smell the roses, people.

Or, in the spirit of fall… the pumpkin spice!

Here are 3 simple steps to get you on the right track:

Embrace the morning glory!

This is a hard one.  You get up, you get ready, you get the kids moving with backpacks and hats and gloves and everything is a whirlwind before they dash out the door to the bus.  Since life is not one big vacation for everyone, there’s little time to do anything before you must head out to begin your day.  However, one day this week or weekend, take the time to enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch.  Watch as the sun shines its light on our amazing community.  Wave as cars pass by.  Watch as Clear Lake stirs to life.  The crispness of the morning air will rejuvenate and invigorate both the body and soul.

Curl up with a good book!

This one is a personal favorite, mostly because I’m a total book worm.  Leave the laundry, let the dishes pile up for a day.  Now, I understand it’s not easy.  I’m a realist and hate when people post memes all the time about “the housework can wait” because you know what?  Sometimes it can’t.  Sometimes you need to crank the 80s rock music and get your butt to work.  However… self-care is part of this great slow down and letting it go FOR ONE DAY won’t hurt.  Oh… and I highly suggest reading something by that local author Rachel Smith.  I hear she’s fabulous.

Also, she is me.

Two Words: Crock. Pot.

Get it out.  Dust it off.  Scour the internet for simple, seasonal recipes that will not only leave your house smelling like you stepped into a whimsical Autumn Hallmark movie, but eliminate the crazy dance y’all perform every night at suppertime.  Choosing food, preparing food, eating food, cleaning it all up.  Oofta.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Once a week give yourself a break and throw something in the old crock pot to simmer all day!

There you go, my friends.  Don’t you feel motivated?  Doesn’t life seem just a little less daunting?

Now, for a full list of all the super-fun happenings going on in and around Clear Lake, be sure to check our website for all the details.  Because even though the number of events is not quite as crazy as during the summer, Clear Lake still packs a punch of fun during the Autumn and Winter months.

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