The Downslide of Summer

The Downslide of Summer

Image by Incygneia from Pixabay


For years, the July 4th holiday has felt like the culmination of summer. After that, the remainder of July slips away in the blink of an eye and by the time August rolls around, we are in full-on school mode getting prepared for the upcoming year.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I feel this year.  I have yet to experience that pang of excitement about sending the kids back to school.  I’m guessing it’s because we’ve been home now for what feels like thousands of days.  The days of sitting down to write something without being interrupted thirty-seven times a distant memory of the past.


Regardless, we are still officially on the downslide of summer.  Throwing our hands in the air as the roller coaster of life barrels down the steep hill.  The difference this year, is that the roller coaster will likely have 3 or 4 sharp turns, throwing the passengers side-to-side in their seats before it comes to a complete stop.

**sigh again**

Lucky for us, we have this beautiful 3000+ acre lake basically right in our backyard.  There is still plenty of opportunity to enjoy the cool water at City Beach.  Lounge on a towel in the sand and soak up all the Vitamin D of the hot sun.  Enjoy the laughter of children as they frolic in the newly renovated splash pad.

I’ve said it in past years, but y’all need to fill your tank.  Fill it up with summer nights by the fire and evening walks around your neighborhood.

Order lunch and have a picnic in City Park.  Take the boat out and anchor at State Beach.  Visit the Fire Museum.  Enjoy a cruise on the Lady of the Lake.  Ride bikes.  Watch a sunset or two.


I know it’s been a bit of a different summer at the lake, but the key phrase there is ‘at the lake.’  Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work and sports and errands that we forget we live in paradise.  I mean, people actually plan their vacations to come here, and we get to live here all the time.

We can eat at all the awesome restaurants and enjoy high-quality local craft beer any time we want.

So let’s do it.  Let’s pack in as much fun as we can on this downslide.  Throw those hands in the air and let out a shrill “Wahoo!” as we navigate these next few months.

As always, please continue to support our local businesses.  Start Friday morning with Fresh on Friday at Central Gardens, and end with Food Truck Friday at City Park.  Spend Saturday morning perusing all the goods at the Farmer's Market!

Watch our Facebook page to stay up to date on information and activities.

Stay safe, my friends!  Please wash your hands and wear a mask in public.  We want to preserve the amazing businesses we have in Clear Lake by helping them STAY OPEN!

See you at the Lake!

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