Thawing Out

Thawing Out

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Okay, so that title might be a bit of an exaggeration.  While we have had a 50-degree swing in temperatures from where we were a few days ago, unfortunately, it’s still pretty darn cold.

Which is expected.  I mean, we live in Iowa, so we should be used to the winters, right?

Still, even though the temperature is below the freezing mark, it feels like a heat wave, like we are on the downslope of this winter business and it’s time to start thawing out.

And yes, I understand I just jinxed it by saying that!

Regardless of the cold temperatures, one thing HOT right now is Lions basketball!  The girls won their semifinal game on Wednesday night, and will take on Williamsburg in Grundy Center at 7PM on Saturday night, as the boys’ team patiently waits for their post-season play to begin.

We are so incredibly proud of these athletes, enduring so many protocols and changes this year due to COVID-19, but still playing their hearts out for their school.  Great job, Lions!

In other exciting news, the city of Clear Lake announced the opening of the Marian Park Ice Rink!  For those of you unaware of this amazing amenity, the Clear Lake Parks and Recreation Department has an outdoor ice-skating rink which is located Marian Park on 2nd Avenue North and N. 12th Street.

When the weather is cooperating (during winter months) and it stays cold, the City begins to put layers of water on the rink to build up the base of the rink.  It is a time-consuming process and can only be done during ideal temperatures.  Once the rink is set, ice skating is permitted at any time (unless they are applying water to the rink).

Skating is free to the public, but please abide by the posted rules at all times.

Also, as there has been a warming house in the past, there is NOT one available this year.  Keep that in mind and bundle up accordingly to ensure the utmost warmth during your skating fun.

And so, here we are at the precipice of the weekend again, Clear Lakers.  Just think, we’ve almost made it to the end of February already.  Spring will soon be peeking around the corner, thawing our streets and pushing the temperatures up into the “livable” range again.  It won’t be long until we’re basking in the fun and the sun of this awesome Midwest destination we get to call home.

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