That’s a Wrap on 2018!

That’s a Wrap on 2018!



There’s always something special about this time of year, that week between Christmas and New Year’s.  Radio stations play “the best of” for the year, highlighting the top songs of the past 365 days.  Lists pop up on social media from magazines and other random freelance writers.

It’s basically a wrap-up of everything, every event and detail that occurred in the previous year.

At the Clear Lake Chamber, we had a pretty spectacular one as well.  Being the 75th anniversary, it was a year of reflection and celebration.  Of history, of events, of all the members who have come and gone throughout the years.

We spent a lot of time highlighting our 10 Charter Members, the ones who have been with us from the get-go.  Clear Lake Community Schools, Clear Lake Bank & Trust, Mirror Reporter, Clear Lake Lions Club, the Globe Gazette, NIACC, Stillman Law Firm, Thrifty White, CL Tel, and Woodford Lumber & Home Company.  These ten members are what adds to the magic of Clear Lake.  They are the backbone, the ones we can count on to sponsor events and support the community.  And we thank them.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank them for their 75 years of faithful service.

In May, we hosted a Gala at the Surf Ballroom to celebrate this milestone.  A black-tie event, it was attended by various members of the community, business leaders, and Chamber Members.  After a fabulous catered meal, guests could dance the night away on the legendary dance floor.  The entire evening was top-notch from start to finish.

As usual, the events of Clear Lake were another major highlight of the year.  Our Queen Bee, Trish Fundermann, did it again.  She’s like the energizer bunny, that one, she just keeps going and going and going.  Thanks for a great year, Trish!

Libbey had another fabulous year of drumming up tourism not only for Clear Lake, but all of North Iowa.  Networking, trade shows, and the FANTASTIC Visitor Guide she puts together each year are what makes this town stand out among the others.

Christina joined our crazy crew this year, taking over the front desk duties.  She has settled in amazingly and caught on to the various programs and activities with ease.

Rachel (that’s me) continues to use all the fancy words to get people interested and involved in all the activities.  I love it when someone I don’t know stops me around town and says, “Oh, you’re the gal that writes for the Chamber.  I love reading those!”  It’s an incredible feeling and I hope you all continue to read my words in the New Year.

Tim, the glue that holds all of us ladies together, is looking forward to beginning year #76 for our little small-town Chamber.  After all the hoopla of celebrating our milestone year, you’d think maybe this year would slow down a bit, but that’s not how we do things at the Lake.  Tim will take us into 2019 full of new, fresh ideas to make another year great!

The New Year brings new hope, fresh starts, and resolutions for many.  For us at the Chamber, we wish you the happiest 2019, and look forward to serving our community to make it another great year.

Be safe.  Be happy.  And celebrate!

See y’all at the Lake next year!

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