Thankful for Small Business Saturday!

Thankful for Small Business Saturday!



It’s a double-shot today on the blog!  This week, whew, it’s a doozy.  And to think, it’s even a short one!!  BUT, with the short week comes the added bonus of no school for three days, which means this busy mom is pulling double duty for a bit between work and child-wrangling.

Thus, I’m thankful for wine.

So as we gather around the table this Thursday with family and friends to fill our tummies with delicious turkey and all the fixings, it’s a common tradition to go around and state what you are thankful for.  Every person is different.  While one may be thankful for a family being together for a meal, another may be thankful for the peace and quiet of being alone.

Me… I’m mostly thankful for wine.

But also, I’m thankful that I live in this beautiful little lake town.  Sometimes it hits me that hundreds, even thousands of people come to Clear Lake for their vacation each summer.  They spend their hard-earned money to rent a cottage, to eat in our restaurants, to grab a cup of coffee from Cabin, and to shop in our awesome little stores.  And all this time… we are here every day!  We get to enjoy this amazing lake and all it has to offer all year long.

Now I know what you’re thinking… yes, the winter months can get a bit long.  But if you really look around and get involved, you’ll soon see that there is still plenty to do until the sun warms us up again in the spring.  For example, this Saturday is Small Business Saturday.  It’s a highlight for our many local shops and specialty stores in and around town.  After battling the masses for “that must have deal” on Black Friday, you’ll definitely enjoy the calm, relaxing atmosphere that Small Business Saturday has to offer.

So count your blessings this week, whatever they may be.  Celebrate another year by treating yourself to a shopping extravaganza at the Lake.

I wish you an abundance of delicious food, family, friends, and whatever makes your little heart swell this Thanksgiving.

And wine.  You can’t forget the wine!

Thanksgiving blessings, Clear Lakers!

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