Start Your Day the Right Way at the Lake

Start Your Day the Right Way at the Lake

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It’s often referred to as the “most important meal of the day.”  Depending on if you’re a six-year-old kid, and eighty-year-old man, or a hungover college student, the foods chosen for breakfast vary drastically in the United States.  While some might choose a bowl of sugary goodness for breakfast, others opt for the liquid gold of a piping-hot cup of coffee.  Or, if you’re the latter in this scenario – leftover slice of pizza from the night before as you hurry to your morning classes!

No matter what you eat, breakfast is always the first meal of the day, typically consumed in the morning hours.  The actual meaning of the word came about in the 15th Century and refers to breaking the fasting period of the previous night.

Breakfast has always consisted of a traditional menu, but over the years has morphed into a delectable culinary experience.  The popularity of the types of food eaten has even spilled over into other eating times of the day.  These days, it’s not unheard of to eat breakfast foods for lunch, or even supper.

As stated above, many people (mostly mothers) will argue it is the most important meal of the day.  However, there are conflicted theories on the actual importance of eating breakfast.  While professional opinion is largely in favor of eating breakfast, there are many who argue its “most important” status.

While researching, I stumbled upon the many common types of foods eaten in other countries.  The information was baffling, how our tastes vary across the globe.  For example, a typical breakfast in Japan consists of rice, pickles, grilled salmon, eggs and veggies.  Not so much a combination I would throw together, personally, but to each region their own!

In the United States, we often vary between a traditional breakfast of things like eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, etc.  Or there is the quick option of donuts, bagels, cold cereal or oatmeal.

Then there’s me, the one who just drinks coffee for hours each morning until it’s time for lunch.  While maybe not the healthiest option, it’s how I survive.

Hey, don’t judge – I have 5 kids and we’ve been out of school for a million days. 

So, where can one indulge in these fine culinary delights while at the Lake?  Well, you’re in luck, because we have a variety of places in town where you can kick-start your day with a hearty meal or a quick fix of deliciousness.

7 Stars Family Restaurant – This down-home eatery features satisfying comfort foods in a cozy café.  Serving breakfast all day, they are famous for their “Country Hash Browns” grilled with bacon, diced ham, onion and peppers and topped with American cheese.

Sevens – Located on Main Ave, you may be surprised to learn they offer a top-notch breakfast!  Sit back and relax in one of their tall booths and start your day the right way.

South Shore Donut Company – You won’t want to miss the beachy shop that offers award winning gourmet donuts.  Soothe your sweet tooth with a sugary delight or one of their savory concoctions.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery – Breakfast is available here all day, with a huge omelet selection as well as fresh griddle favorites for the weary interstate travelers as well as local residents!

Casey’s (by the OP) – Your one stop quick shop to grab a fresh made donut and cup of coffee in the morning.

Cabin Coffee – Mostly known for their delicious coffee, they also have a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches, bagels and sweet delights.  Just be happy and have fun is a GREAT motto to start your day

CAVU Patriot Wings – Whether you arrive by land or by air, they have the ultimate brunch menu.  Delight on their culinary brilliance while you enjoy a massive Bloody Mary!

PM Park – Open only during the summer months, their breakfast is one for the record books.  Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the lake while enjoying their “Everything Hash Browns” and a cup of joe.


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