Sliding on through February

Sliding on through February


As the fog has begun to lift on my 5-day bout with the dreaded Influenza, I finally sat down at my desk this morning with my planner to get organized and put back together.  That flu, you guys, I swear it’s made from the blood and sweat of Lucifer himself.  It’s miserable and awful and definitely something I hope I never get again.

So imagine my surprise when I sit down and see that it’s already February 20th!  What?  I mean, I’m always thankful for the shortness that is February.  Usually by this point in the winter the wonder and beauty of crisp, white snow and sitting by the cozy fireplace have worn off.  Now I’m just angry at the fact the bitter cold literally hurts my face when I step outside.  I’m sick of bundling up, of the dirt and sand and wetness that seems to find its way into my house.  I’m just over it!

But I had a glimmer of hope this morning.  Being lost in my cloud of germs and illness all last week made time seem to slip by.  And while I’m not normally one to wish my life away, I’m a little thankful this morning that SPRING is almost here!

Although first, we must deal with the ice.  But I have wine, so everything will be okay.  Whew!

I feel like I need to give a super huge, gigantic shout-out of epic proportions to Larry & Kay Day and all the fabulous people who worked to make the Color the Wind Kite Festival happen.  While the weather started off a bit iffy Saturday morning, it turned into the perfect afternoon.  I was still quarantined from human contact, but we did load up in the car and drive down to North Shore to get a peek at amazing kites in all their glory.  My 9 year old declared the whole thing “sick.”

That means “cool” for those that don’t speak 9 yr. old boy!

I’m blown away every year at the grandeur of these kites.  It’s just one of the many amazing things going on in Clear Lake.  Who says there’s nothing to do at the Lake in the winter?!?!

And then the Clear Lake girls punched their ticket to the State basketball tourney.  I can’t even imagine their excitement!  I wish them the best of luck at they travel to The Well next week.

Just when you think maybe it’ll be a quiet weekend to get caught up and relax… NOPE!  The Surf Ballroom is THE PLACE TO BE this weekend.  First up on Friday is Here Come the Mummies.  They’re a funk band made up of super famous people… but since they’re wrapped up like a Mummy you don’t know who they are!


Yup!  I had no clue who they were until I dug a little deeper, too.  But they’re famous musicians bound by contracts and recording studio labels and what not.  They can’t just get together and randomly perform… so they’ve become mummified to protect their identity.

That’s seriously cool!

And then Saturday will be an influx of country music fans from all over to see Lee Brice take the stage.  Make your reservations early to grab a bit to eat at one of the many fabulous restaurants in town and make a night of it!

There you have it folks, a little wrap up of the inside of my brain.  LOL.

See ya at the Lake!

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