Simply Nourished in the Spotlight

Simply Nourished in the Spotlight



I’m starting a new thing.  I tend to do this from time to time… so bear with me!  I figured maybe if I put it out here for all the blog-world to see, y’all will hold me accountable to keep it up!

So what is it?  Well… running a business is hard work, so much more than many of us even understand.  With the news of The Fieldhouse closing their doors for good… it really got me thinking about small business owners.

I know… scary thought, right?

Thus, I’ve decided to do an “In the Spotlight” segment each month on the blog.  The purpose is to highlight a Chamber Member for the entire month, showing them lots of love in hopes that all you fabulous people reading this story will go check them out!

This month – November – with the “Nightmare on N. 3rd Street” still occurring, I’ve decided the recipient will be Simply Nourished.

After our live video last week, I had two people nonchalantly ask me, “What is that place?”

Well – here’s your answer.

Simply Nourished

The dictionary describes the word ‘nourish’ to mean: provide someone with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

How perfect!  Because that’s EXACTLY what Simply Nourished does!  They are, in a nutshell, a grocery store except they carry specialty, organic and local foods on a small scale.  Typical of a larger chain store, you’ll find sections for frozen food, local meat, cheese, dairy, local eggs, as well as a plethora of staples on the shelves.

The difference, however, is that at Simply Nourished there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!  Also, shoppers who are gluten sensitive or have Celiac disease can rejoice, as they are a 100% gluten free facility to provide a safe shopping experience.

In addition to the grocery items, Simply Nourished carries a small selection of supplements and personal care products, as well as a grab-n-go cooler featuring ready to eat lunch and snack items.

Uh… hello easiness!  If there’s one thing people love in this world it’s the word EASY!  And grab-n-go lunch is about as easy as it gets, people!!!

But it doesn’t stop there… oh no!  On November 19th they will open the new and improved upstairs, which features expanded retail and gift, Natural Wine and local art.

This is a place where you can feed not only your body, but your mind and soul.  Seriously… it’s SO good to visit places like this, to see that there is food available not pumped full of all the awful food coloring and preservatives.  That you can go upstairs and soak in the CULTURE and ATMOSPHERE.  Peruse the local art and buy a bottle of Natural Wine.

To me… it sounds a bit like Heaven!

So stop in.  Don’t be scared or intimidated.  They’ll make you feel welcome, answer any questions you may have about the food and other items.  I guarantee something will catch your eye that you MUST have!

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