Sail into the Weekend… Quarantine Style!

Sail into the Weekend… Quarantine Style!


Normally, Thursday and Friday are spent looking forward to the upcoming weekend.  Planning which events to attend, finding fun activities for the kids, going out to eat and running errands.

This weekend?  Well, things might be a bit different at the Lake!

As events and gathering have been shut down across the country, families plan to hunker down this weekend.  I anticipate there will be lots of movies watched, game played, books read, and meals enjoyed together around the table.

As a work-from-home mother of five children, I’m looking forward to this weekend.  To stow away my computer in the office and not be tied to my phone for a few days.  Personally, I’m trying to decide between the following projects:

  1. Deep clean my laundry room.
  2. Deep clean my closet (we did the kids’ closets last weekend)
  3. Start on my garage project of cleaning/staining stairs and painting.

I have also scheduled our “Dine-In” schedule of eating out for the weekend as well.  Giving a few restaurants a little boost of business.

Smith-Wumkes: Party of Seven!

My husband has his beer order ready for the Brewery to deliver.

Because… essentials.

Reflecting on this week that has felt like a year, I’m emotional.  Even when I opened this document to begin this blog post, I teared up.

I’m incredibly proud of everyone.  So much that I’m finding it difficult to put into words.  I’m proud of my Chamber team for thinking outside the box and coming up with the most amazing gift card promotion to help businesses.  I’m proud of my school district for the dedication of staff and teachers.  I’m proud of all Clear Lakers for the abundance of community spirit I witnessed in the past week.

My little Clear Lake heart is just beaming with pride!

So, while we’re altering our normal activities through the weekend, enjoy this time of respite and relax.  It won’t be long (hopefully) before it’s summer, and we’re enjoying the opening week of Thursdays on Main.

Hang in there, Clear Lakers.  Pat yourselves on the back for being totally awesome during this trying time in all our lives.  Please continue your support of each other, and of the community.

Have a great weekend!

See ya – from a socially acceptable distance – at the Lake!

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