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Lake Leadership talks Banking & Economic Development in October Session

Lake Leadership started the 2016-2017 session on October 19th with Banking, Finance, & Economic Development Day.  Here's a recap of the day's activities, and feedback from the class. [caption id="attachment_3546" align="alignleft" width="266"]airplane-ride-10-16 Plane rides are a popular feature of economic development day.[/caption] Our class of 18 began the day at Best...
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School/Business Partnership Opportunity

For the 2016-17 school year, the Clear Lake High School, working in a partnership with the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, is beginning an exciting new adventure to help our students and teachers.  The goals of this new endeavor are simple: To increase the awareness of great job opportunities available in North Iowa and...
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Tools for Being a Better Listener When Your Customers Aren’t in the Room

Most of the time being a better listener means closing your mouth and not thinking about what you will say next. But the real listening help most small business owners need in today’s business climate is digital.

Why Being a Good Listener is Important

In addition to people feeling more valued when they believe you’re listening to...
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