Our Focus for 2020

Our Focus for 2020

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I’ve already seen hundreds of sayings regarding the year 2020.  The common theme being a play on words (obviously) associated with perfect eyesight.

*Our focus is 2020.

*Seeing clearly in 2020.

*Our clear vision for 2020.

*2020 Optics for a Great Year!

Those are just the first few that came up in my quick Google search.

But, is it such a bad thing to strive for in the New Year?  Resolutions seem to get lost in the shuffle of life quickly.  The good intentions of saving money and eating healthier slip away when the hustle and bustle of reality takes over.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my goals are for 2020.  It’s hard not to after the barrage of memes and graphics flooding my Facebook stream.  Each of them pushing us to do better, to be better.  Instead of starting the “Money Saving Challenge” I think I'll set my sights on the big picture.

Motivation.  Determination.  Focus.

One thing is for sure, the Clear Lake Area Chamber is focused on making 2020 our best year yet.  While many people think the cold, winter months are the ‘down time’ for lake activities and events, that is not the case at the Chamber.  We are busy little bees who are planning and organizing, our mission being to provide quality activities and events for everyone to enjoy.

It helps get us through the frigid days where Old Man Winter sends his gusty, cold winds off the lake and right to our office door.  We’re huddled inside, thinking of ways to make Thursdays on Main the best it can possibly be!  Or how we can entice more athletes to take a chance and give it a try at TRI Clear Lake.

Trish is booking bands and securing sponsors, plotting and planning with her many committee members to make sure the 4th of July extravaganza goes off without a hitch.  It’s too bad we can’t order up some favorable weather to ensure our immaculate fireworks display lights up the sky instead of thunder and lightning!

Wouldn’t that be nice?  We’ll take four days in a row of perfect sun, low humidity and a mild breeze.  Thanks in advance.

Regardless of rain or shine or wind or any other weather catastrophe, I have a feeling 2020 is going to a be a banner year for our little tourist town.  I can just feel it.

See you at the Lake, friends!

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