Not your Mama’s Salon

Not your Mama’s Salon


It’s a right of passage at some point in everyone’s life.  There’s a big family function coming up or a family picture, and mom forgot to schedule haircuts for the kids.

So, she grabs a scissors and attempts to give her children a little trim on her own.

It never ends well.

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Mama’s. Salon. Is. Not. The. Answer.

Say it with me, now!

With the closure of hair salons, nail salons, tattoo parlors and other spa-like businesses, it’s tempting to take matters into your own hands.  I get it.  And just when you thought maybe they would be able to open next week and resume business as usual, the governor extended their mandate to stay closed for another week.


My children look like shaggy wildebeests, but I will refrain from cutting their hair at all costs.  While you may think to yourself, “I can do this… the gals at Studio B make it look so easy!”  You cannot, actually, do this.  They have years of training and expertise which is how they make it look so effortless.

They also have the proper tools.  Grabbing the scissors from the knife block in your kitchen is a bad idea.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

This virus is already bed enough.  Don't look like these people!

I’m currently at the point like the vampires in Twilight.  Remember when the sun hit them, and they sparkled?  Yeah, that’s my roots right now.  My gray hairs sparkle with an intensity like being on the surface of the sun.  You think I’m exaggerating, but alas, I am not.

More important than the way we look (because, let’s face it, who are you seeing right now anyway?  You don’t have anywhere to go) is my worry of the financial impact on these small businesses.  In the service industry such as this, you thrive on being busy.  Busy = money coming in.  And when that’s taken away, it can be absolutely crippling.

And trust me, no one wants ANY of these places to go under during this crisis.  I need my hair girl to stay in business in the long run so she can color this mop on my head and cover up this disaster of gray hair.

But I will wait.  And you should, too.  If you want to show your stylist you’re rooting for them, then do just that… SAVE YOUR ROOTS FOR THEM!  When this is all said and done, they are going to need us just as much as we need them!

I’m asking you to sit tight for the time being.  However, when this is all over and we’re allowed to live freely again, I hope you plan the biggest, most epic salon/spa day and TREAT YO’SELF!

Go for the full-on spa treatment.  Hair, nails, massage.  Get the works!  Then buy up some gift cards for your friends and family so they can treat themselves, too!

And for those of you in this industry, waiting on pins and needles for the green light to open your doors, be sure to check out the available government assistance to get you through.

Stay safe, friends.  We’re all in this together at the Lake!



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