New Year… New You? Or Maybe Not…

New Year… New You? Or Maybe Not…



I used to make a New Year’s resolution every year.  And not once did said resolution make it through February.  Not even one time.

One year, I decided maybe a New Year’s Resolution was too lofty of a goal, and instead set a Monthly Resolution.  Something I wanted to achieve solely in the month of January, February, and so on.

That one lasted through March.  So 3 times I actually followed through.  Three whole times.

**sighs with disappointment**

So what’s a gal to do, really?  I spent the better part of New Year’s Day perusing social media and reading random articles and blog posts associated with resolutions.

No… I do not feel guilty for my laziness.  And yes… it was partially due to being slightly hungover.

Anywho, what I found were a whole bunch of super funny, cliché-type sayings that mostly made me roll my eyes.

Today marks the beginning of a 365 page book of blank pages.  Make each day count

Or Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.  ß  Um… strange.

Or my absolute favorite: New Year… New You.

Why does the New Year mean I have to reinvent myself into another person?  I mean, I think I’m pretty awesome the way I am.  Sure there are lots of things I should do more of (writing, organizing, etc.) and lots of things I should maybe do a bit less of (complaining, drinking, etc.).  But overall – I think I’ll just stick with the old me.  The 2018 version of Rachel was pretty good and, honestly, I like her.

She’s super fun!

On the flip side, I do understand that there are those in need of a fresh start, and the New Year is a great time to set a new goal for yourself.  Hopefully you’re better at the follow-through than I am!

Our resolution at the Clear Lake Area Chamber is the same as previous years: Make it an amazing 365 days of Lake Living for residents and visitors.  Put on the grandest events, host classes and promote our local shops and restaurants like crazy to boost economic growth of our beautiful tourist town.  And mostly… to ensure everyone has one heck of a great time at the Lake.

I think that might just be one resolution we can all promise to keep!

Happy New Year, Clear Lakers!

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