National Send a Card to a Friend Day

National Send a Card to a Friend Day




For decades, people have used greeting cards to say the things they wanted to say, but couldn’t.  To cheer up the sick and grieving, to celebrate happy milestones in one’s life, or maybe just to say ‘Hey, I’m thinking about you!’

I have friends all over the country.  Old friends, new friends, high school friends, college friends.  I’ve left a trail of friendships in every town I’ve ever lived in.

I’m so super popular, I know!

Thanks to the many benefits of social media, it’s easy to keep up with what’s happening in my various friends’ lives.  Births, deaths, when little Sally lost her tooth.  We know everything.

But how often do you send a card to a friend for no reason?  I know it's not something I ever do!

This is why today, February 7th, has been designated as National Send a Card to a Friend Day.  Who thinks up these days, you might ask?  Well, I have no clue.  I’m pretty sure it’s just a band of tiny magical fairies that live inside the internet.

Regardless, you need to grab a few greeting cards this afternoon and get them in the mail.

And, as an added bonus, it just so happens that the very best place in town to do such a thing is in the Hallmark Gold Crown Department at Larson’s Mercantile in Clear Lake.

Hallmark is a private, family-owned company based in Kansas City, Missouri.  It was founded in 1910 by Joyce Hall and is now the largest greeting card manufacturer in the United States. <---  Remember this little tidbit of information, it may solidify a trivia win for you someday!

Larson’s recently became a certified Gold Crown Department.  Always the place to go in Clear Lake if you need about anything under the sun, they carry gifts, décor, Clear Lake gear, games, crafts, kitchen gadgets, signs, gag gifts, fabric and so much more.  The addition of the Hallmark section is just icing on top of the gigantic, awesome cake!

Not only can you find the perfect card for any occasion (like National Send a Card to Your Friends Day!) and keepsake ornaments, but Hallmark’s Gold Crown Card gives your shopping experience an added bonus.  Card members earn points for purchases at Gold Crown stores or at that they turn into Reward Dollars which you get to spend just like cash.  Plus… there’s an added bonus of a $5 coupon right now just for joining!

This whole scenario is a total win-win, folks.  You can support a local, Clear Lake store AND brighten someone’s day by sending them a card.

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