National Drink Beer Day!

National Drink Beer Day!



I had to laugh at this.  So… a few weeks ago it was National Beer Lover’s Day.  There’s also been a National Craft Beer Day, a National Beer Drinker’s Day, National Beer Day itself, and now this one.  National Drink Beer Day.

Apparently, whoever makes up these “National Holiday’s” is a lover of the barley and hops!

Either way, I get to write about beer and all the fabulous places in town you can get a cold brew.

Let’s start with the obvious: Lake Time Brewery.  I mean, nothing is more appropriate for National Drink Beer Day than the wonderful place in town that actually MAKES beer.  And not only do they make beer, but they make incredibly good beer, which is just an added bonus!  A few months ago, Lake Time incorporated the use of a canning line into their production facility.  Now, not only can you enjoy their delicious beer at the tap house, but from the comfort of your own home.

For this piece, I dug out my handy-dandy Clear Lake Visitor’s Guide to make a list of all the Chamber Members around town who serve beer.  Have you read that thing?  Whoever wrote all those amazing articles is SO talented.

Hint: It was me.

What I soon realized was there are quite a few places in town where you can gather with your friends, neighbors or co-workers to have a cold one.  There’s Rookies & Sevens – always a favorite, and also a great place to grab a bite to eat while you’re there.  Just down the street, you can stop in at the VFW or Sunset Sharky’s.

Headed around to the South Side, you hit up Rumorz for a drink.  Incidentally, they have a great patio and there’s only a few more weeks to enjoy the fall weather before it gets too cold on us.

Along Highway 18, Bennigans offers a wide assortment of beers.  Maybe pair a dark brew with some of their delicious Irish food?  Yum!  Or… if you head the other way, the Other Place offers the option to wash an ooey-gooey, cheesy pizza pie down with a large beer while you catch a game.  Also known as: the trifecta of awesomeness.

Near the Surf, there’s the Half Moon or the actual Surf District.  Both great places to grab a drink before or after catching a concert on the most iconic stage in music history.

And for the fancier folks, the ones who like to drink their beer with elegance and class, you can choose between Bread & Buttercreme, the Fieldhouse, Ge-Jo’s by the Lake, K&B Emporium, or the Ladybug Bistro.

See?  For being a small, touristy, lake town, we sure do have quite the assortment of places to grab a drink!  Even more-so in the summer when PM Park is open.

Incidentally… after celebrating National Beer Day today and drinking all the beer, Saturday is National Coffee Day.  Seems fitting, right?  So enjoy your day, and head over to Cabin Coffee in the morning!!

Cheers, Clear Lakers!

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