Last evening we unveiled the cover for Destination Clear Lake, a comprehensive guide to our remarkable tourist town.  Being the 75th Anniversary of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, the guide features a special, through-the-years look at past Chamber Presidents including highlights of distinct Chamber moments.

As in past years, the guide is filled with stories presenting all the best qualities of Clear Lake.  It also includes a listing of events throughout the year, as well as dining, lodging and a church directory.

New to the magazine for 2018, is a short blurb about the ten original Chamber members.  These impeccable businesses have been with us since the beginning, showing a true commitment for the betterment of the Clear Lake community.

One of the most exciting additions – especially for social media junkies like me – is the launch of the #myclearlake campaign.

When you think of Clear Lake, do you recall family vacations as child?  Or perhaps you think of being bundled up watching fireworks at Christmas by the Lake.  Maybe it's summer nights under the stars, taking in the Movie in the Park on Thursday night with your friends.  Whether Clear Lake is your home, or you're a seasonal visitor, the magic of this beautiful lake town will etch itself in your heart for eternity.


Soaking up the sun on the beach, boating adventures, camping, fishing, riding the Ferris wheel during the Fourth of July carnival, the parades, the events... this is what makes up My Clear Lake.

We want to hear what Clear Lake means to YOU!!  So throughout 2018, you’ll likely see us at various events, pulling you in for a picture, asking you to tell us about your love for our awesome town.  There may even be special prizes randomly given to those who post on social media using the hashtag #myclearlake.

And don’t tell me that didn’t just totally lure you in to participate in this awesome campaign.  Everybody like random special prizes!!!!

We hope you enjoy your 2018 visitor’s guide!  And keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, as we’ll be using #myclearlake a lot throughout the year!

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