Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears



We tend to aim our focus during Harvest Fest on shopping, wine, and a day out with the girls.  But  today we turn that focus to something you may or may not have taken the time to enjoy and appreciate in the past… the music.

Located strategically throughout the Harvest Fest designated area, bands will play during the day.  Tickling your eardrums with a wide variety of genres, there literally is something for everyone when it comes to Harvest Fest Music.

But before I dive into the nitty gritty of who these bands are and what they play… we need to thank the VERY generous sponsors who make the musical portion of our afternoon possible.  And when I say ‘thank’ it’s more like a ‘shout their awesomeness from the rooftops’ type of thing.  Because without them, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of hearing these astounding musicians showcase their talents!

Rookies Rockin’ Sports Bar




Country Meadow Place

First Citizens

Farmers State Bank


Okay, now for a tiny showcase on each performer.

11AM-3PM – Jake Schrodt will be outside of Simply Nourished.  Jake is a singer/songwriting doing what he loves and sharing his music with whoever wants to listen.  He plays a mixture of Alternative, Rock, Folk and Americana.  You can give him a like on his Facebook Page HERE and be sure to pop by and check out his amazing vocals on Saturday.

11:30AM – 2PM – Last Minute Combo will be playing at the CL Arts Center.  Their syncopated rhythmic patterns will get your toe tapping along to the beat in no time.  The group came to fruition in 2002 during a high school band fundraiser and have been playing gigs with Jazz Standards for a multitude of occasions ever since.  Follow them on Facebook HERE.

12:30-4PM – The Hats will be tearing up the VIP Lounge for those who purchased a VIP bag. It’s the perfect chance to give those weary feet a break and relax, taking in the sweet sounds of their neo-traditional post-modern country blues folk.  Try saying that 3 times really fast after you’ve been sipping wine all afternoon!  Oofta.  Hop over to Facebook and give them a like HERE and check out their brand.

1-5PM – Split Second Band will be crooning through the afternoon on the Lady of the Lake.    Our friends at the Lady have generously provided this band on their own because they rock.  Which is fitting, really, considering this band plays 60’s, 70’s and 80’s classic rock.  All the way from Des Moines, this is Central Iowa’s Good Time Party Band.  Be sure to give them a like on Facebook HERE and climb aboard the Lady to check them out on Saturday.

1-4PM – Sunset Sharky’s will have a DJ spinning all your favorites.  We all know Sharky’s throws one heck of a party, and we’re grateful for their generosity of hiring a DJ for the afternoon.  Also a wine location, you can get the best of both worlds at this stop!

2-5PM – Bruce Day & The Dangits will be jamming on the Festival Stage.  With Bruce Day you will enjoy acoustic rock with world class vocals and a kick drum, which creates a unique full sound from a solo musician.  Follow this amazing performer on Facebook HERE.  Playing alongside Bruce in one of their many collaborative performances is Dang Felton, a singer songwriter from Des Moines.  His unique style uses complex finger style guitar work, evocative lyrics, and a soulful voice.  Give him a like on Facebook HERE and enjoy this amazing partnership of musical genius on Saturday afternoon.

2:30-5PM – NOVA Jazz will be enticing listeners at the CL Arts Center.  This group out of Charles City will whisk you away to the streets of New Orleans with their soulful sounds.  Their blend of melody, harmony and rhythm will reach into a primal place inside listeners.  Calling to their deepest instincts and likely enticing many to get up and dance.  You can give them a like on Facebook HERE and don’t forget to dust off your dancin’ shoes for Saturday.

So there you have it, folks.  A brief account of each performer during the 15th Annual Harvest Festival.  Man, Clear Lake really knows how to do it right, don’t they?  I mean… wow!

And again – shout out to all the local businesses who stepped up to sponsor.  I know I’ve said it before, but this event wouldn’t be the success it is without you.  So from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and appreciate all you do to keep us going!

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