Main Street Facelift

Main Street Facelift



Change is good.  The perpetual ebb and flow of life, shaking things up and preventing one from becoming stagnant in life.  Some people struggle with change, tending to lean more toward the constants in life.  Keeping things always the same is their security blanket, wrapping them in the knowledge that all will be fine as long as things stay the way they are.

One doesn’t always need a drastic makeover to spice it up.  Sometimes all you need is a facelift.  A little nip and tuck here and there to freshen things up and give a new perspective on life.

Or business.

On Main Street in beautiful Clear Lake, a handful of businesses have done (or are planning to) do just that.  Some more radical than others, but they are all important and good for the town.

Many of you already know Cabin Coffee recently did a full renovation on the inside of their Clear Lake location.  And while they are still the same old Cabin Coffee you’ve loved – and craved – for years, they did make a few changes to the overall layout inside the store.  Just in time for the busy summer months, where tourists and visitors flock to our little slice of Heaven by the Lake and indulge in their delicious coffee drinks, tasty treats and delightful lunch options.

Just up the street a bit to the North, you may have noticed the old bar, Bikerz, has been empty for quite some time.  Well, not for much longer!  A new, fresh, and in my personal opinion – awesome – bar will soon be opening in that location.  Tap’d, an all-new Taphouse and Cocktail Lounge, will feature 24 beers on tap, concentrating mostly on Iowa Craft beers.  They will especially emphasize locally brewed beers in North Iowa.

It’s a bit around the corner from Main Street, but if you’ve driven by Sunset Sharky’s recently, you may have noticed their new signage out front.  Last summer, they opened up the alley space, creating a lakeside oasis of party-time fun, hosting various live music acts and offering amazing drink specials.  And now, with the new sign, you can’t miss them!

Just on the other side of Main Street, exciting things are happening at Simply Nourished.  Now… details are a bit mum for a while longer, but I will tell you major renovations are taking place within their building, and that soon there may or may not be more food options coming from Simply Nourished.  Yay!!  Keep your eyes peeled for details as they emerge on their Facebook Page.

In the ‘guts’ of Main Street, and almost directly across the street from one another, we have Lake Lifestyles and Starboard Market.

Starboard, who celebrates their 20th year of business this summer, plans to renovate their storefront in the fall.  We are excited to see what they do!  But never fear, they’ll still offer the same amazing sandwiches, out-of-this-world salads and homemade treats galore!

Across the street, however, the renovations are a bit more extreme.  While the outside looks almost the same as before, the size of Lake Lifestyles has almost doubled.  That’s right, they’ve acquired the location next door and opened the wall between them to create a shopping experience like none other!  The new space is elegantly decorated with various items available for purchase, which includes a large selection of wines and other make-at-home food items.  Soon, there will be more outdoor decorations available.  Just in time to spruce up your outdoor décor for the summer.

Another new addition is from Lisa Barrilles, who has incorporated racks of adorable clothes from Lyla’s Boutique.  A bit farther in the back (which you can access from the back entrance) Laurie Craven will have a section of homemade, hand-crafted cards.  Both gals are working diligently to get set up and ready for business!

SO MANY big things happening right here on or near our quaint little Main Street.  I can’t explain my excitement level for these local businesses and wish them the best of luck in their future.  I see bright things for each of them, and lots of success.

Shop Local.  Buy Local.  Be Local.

See ya at the Lake!

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