Little Miss Dynamite – Brenda Lee

Little Miss Dynamite – Brenda Lee

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The Saturday night headliner of the Winter Dance Party this year is none other than Little Miss Dynamite -- Brenda Lee.  She’s a music legend, and one of the few child stars who  kept at it, plugging away and honing their craft throughout the years.

In the spirit of Winter Dance Party fun, I found this list of 5 compelling Brenda Lee facts at A few tidbits of random info for those of you who may not know much about this music icon.

  1. Brenda may have a big voice, but she is small in stature. Standing at only 4’9″, she rightly earned the nickname “Little Miss Dynamite.”

This ended being a bit of a struggle for the tiny singer.  When she hit puberty, her voice changed, causing the music executive big-wigs to freak out.  People loved her voice already… would they still?

  1. She remains the only female artist to ever chart songs in EVERY major genre.

Well, that pretty much squashed any concerns remaining from fun fact #1.  Seriously… every genre? That’s an incredible feat!  I’m trying to picture this from one of the top artists now.  It’s unheard of in today’s over-produced industry.

  1. Brenda Lee recorded the beloved tune “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree” at only thirteen years old.

Wait… what?  That’s her song?  Okay, who else here had no idea that was Brenda Lee?  That song has been around for decades and is one of those Christmas songs I don’t foresee disappearing anytime soon.  It’s a holiday classic.  And let’s not glaze over the fact that the girl was 13 years old when it was recorded.  THIRTEEN.  When I was thirteen I could barely get myself up in time for school.

  1. After her father died when she was just ten, Brenda became the primary breadwinner for her household. She performed at local shows and radio stations to make ends meet.

I can’t imagine the stress and pressure this would put on such a young child.  I’m truly amazing at how many stories of the ‘early years’ in music that are so similar.  And what a blessing that she was able to provide for her family when they needed it.  Not to continually compare her to myself... but at age ten, my biggest worry was if the tight roll on my stone-washed jeans was tight enough.

  1. Opposites attract! While she stood at only 4’9″, Brenda’s husband, Ronnie Shacklett, was a long and lean 6’4″!

This one made me giggle.  First off – she must be just a tiny little thing.  And then to marry someone almost 18 inches taller than her?  I wonder if their wedding photographer made her stand on a stool or made him hunch down?  I can only imagine the looks they got throughout their lives!

So there you have it – five random things you probably never knew about Brenda Lee!  But in all seriousness, she really is an incredible part of the music industry.  Her musical genius has spanned the decades, cementing her place in Rock 'n Roll history.

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