Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical



Along with the annual turning of the calendar to a New Year comes the anticipation of a fresh start.  A clean slate to build the upcoming 365 days into anything you want.

Maybe you want to learn how to paint or save for an upcoming vacation.  People often strive to be happier, get organized, quit smoking, or – the ever popular choice to GET PHYSICAL!

It’s one of the most commonly made New Year’s Resolutions, with 38-50% of people choosing something related to better health beginning January 1st.  I’m not surprised, considering my Facebook feed is littered with fitness ads right now.  Of course it’s on everyone’s mind, you can’t escape it!  Each time I scroll through there is a new video, new gadget, new app you can download – all geared to help people reach their goal.

Of the top 5 resolutions made by adults to begin the new year, 3 of them are related to health and wellness.

  1. Exercise / Get in Shape
  2. Diet to lose weight
  3. Save money
  4. Eat healthier in general
  5. More self-care

It’s easy to MAKE the resolution, right?  But what about sticking to it?  On average, 80% of Americans fail by the second week of February.

Honestly? This surprised me.  Kudos to you if you’ve stuck with your resolution for that long.  I can’t say I’ve ever held on to a resolution through the first month, let alone made it a full six weeks!

The reason for the excessive failure rate is because change is hard.  It’s not easy to alter one’s lifestyle.  Research shows that on average, it takes approximately 66 days for a habit to become automatic. Many also fail because the scope of the resolution is too broad and not specific enough.

One may say “My resolution is to get healthy,” but not have a specific plan on exactly HOW to conquer this goal.  It’s easier to create small, obtainable goals to start.  That way it feels like you’ve actually accomplished something, and there’s more of a chance you’ll keep going.

Thankfully, for all of those who have chosen fitness/health/wellness in the New Year, there are a slew of Chamber Members ready to help!

If you are looking to join a gym, our friends at Cutting Edge Fitness, N.I.P & Fitness Center, the YMCA, and Lake Fit are here to help.  Gym memberships to each of these places are reasonably priced, and they are staffed with knowledgeable folks who would LOVE to help you reach your goal.

Or, if you’re looking to slow things down a bit, to find your Zen and recharge that feeling of inner peace, Yoga might be just the ticket.  Chamber Members, Dancing Lotus Yoga and the crew at Holistic Harmony are here to guide your journey to power and peace.

The ideology to better one’s health and wellness does not just apply to adults, however.  Especially during these long winter months, our children need to get up and get moving.  Less video games and watching other kids on You Tube, and more jumping and running.  Enroll your kids into Summit Martial Arts or Kick USA Karate to keep them active, alert and sharp this year.  Or, for a more delicate activity, but with high intensity options, consider enrolling into Tina’s School of Dance.

Regardless of which activity you choose, just remember to stick with it!  Set reasonable goals and celebrate each achievement!

But even if you fail, it’s reassuring to know you can always set that resolution and try again in 2022!

Happy New Year!

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